Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

Posted on 16 December 2019

Not sure what to get your mother, grandmother, sister, or significant other? With the holidays just around the corner, we put together our best and most unexpected gift ideas for women over 50. Not only are we sharing our favorite holiday gift items, but we are giving you 7 unique ways to make your gift unforgettable this holiday season. 


The Claudia Nichole Dress Topper - For our classic gift-givers and receivers, you can't go wrong with the Claudia Nichole cashmere dress topper. The luxe feel of the cashmere will make anyone swoon. This cashmere topper is perfect for everyday wear, cold airports and airplanes, and your upcoming holiday parties. This really is the stand-out holiday gift item. 

 Claudia Nicole Dress Topper

The Avalin sweater - this sweater is one size fits most, which takes the size guessing out of the equation. Always important when looking for an excellent gift option. This 100% Cotton cozy knit sweater is available in 4 different body styles and so many resort-inspired colors it will be hard to choose the perfect shade for your loved one. 

 Avalin Sweater

La Cera Whisper Knits - Yes, we all love athleisure-wear, and the La Cera knits will soon become your new favorites. The fabric is so soft, lightweight, and easy for travel and daily wear! You can wear this line to relax at home in or run errands in too.

 La Cera Loungewear

The IBKUL Sun Shirt - Whether you have light skin, medium skin, or dark skin, a sun shirt will protect your skin and keep you looking stylish. As women, we are usually looking for new lotions and skincare products to protect us from the sun. However, just think of how much protection you'd have with a sun shirt. ! These are a valuable addition to anyone's wardrobe - no matter your age. They feature a fast-drying, moisture-wicking, fabric with a two-way circulation that is guaranteed to keep you and your family and friends cool all year long.

 IBKUL Sun Shirt


While you could just pick up one of the items listed above and call it a day, but we think there are some ways to really step up the gift-giving. If it's the thought that really counts, we may as well put some into it and think outside the box. Just merely handing over a scarf or leisure outfit isn't going to excite like turning it into a special event. The holidays are really all about the individual gestures, and personalized kindness is easier to give than you think.


Here are a few ideas to level your gift this year: 


  1. Hand made cards and poems are definitely a lost art. Wrap up your favorite Anthony's sweater or gift card and make it unique by adding something handmade to it. Sure, e-cards are easy, but when is the last time your heartstrings were tugged by one. You don't have to evoke Shakespeare or even rhyme for that matter, just speak from the heart and humor never fails. 
  2. Throw on your favorite Anthony's outfit, snap a few family photos and make a family album in an electronic frame, or take a pic of your loved one's pets friends and babies are perfect and make them into a pillow to hug. You can digitize precious memories of photos and videos. If you like, you can purchase a shoot with a theme or color scheme; it creates a fun atmosphere and a shared goal.
  3. Nothing says I care like monogramming it! A distinct kitchen or hand towels always make one feel regal. There are lots of options here from a crisp white no-iron shirt to a classic handkerchief. By the way, initials were the first logos.
  4. Coordinate it to a getaway or bucket list item. Either pick out an outfit for a friend or loved one's upcoming trip or go one step further and plan a journey inspired by the gift. We underestimate the power of fun in this material multi-tasking gadget driven tech world. People are looking more than ever to connect genuinely. Purchase tickets to a live play perhaps interactive or a murder mystery show sporting event like ice skating you never attend. Buy a showy hat to wear to Derby Day. Take an adventurous hot air balloon ride or try some indoor skydiving. 
  5. Give the gift with an experience. Recommend that you get-together in with your bestie for a class in photography, ceramics, stained glass, cooking, or more. 
  6. Indulge in a little pampering. Take a fashion risk with a friend and get jumpsuits to go to high tea in. Pitch in and Indulge someone in something they think is a splurge like a series of blow dry or Mani-pedis. 
  7. Sign up volunteer with someone; it's a beautiful thing to share and get involved in something besides yourself. Everything from pet fostering to working in community gardens can delight. Be realistic on commitment, while it feels good to give just tailor it to the person's interest and ability. Not everyone is a bob the builder and check with allergies before you bring home a kitty.


 A perfect excuse to gather and encourage bonding is worth more than another gift card any day. But if you are still stumped on the perfect gift for your loved one, you can always grab an Anthony's gift card

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