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Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

Is there a special day looming for your mother, sister, wife, aunt or grandmother? If so, are you coming up empty-handed on gift ideas that she’ll actually love and use? 

You’re not alone. 

Gift buying is hard. 

But with our guide to the best and most unexpected gifts for women over 50, it doesn’t have to be. In this guide, we share our favorite gift items perfect for any occasion and provide seven unique ways to make your gift truly unforgettable. 

1. For the Active Woman in Your Life 

From kayaking to stand up paddle boarding, there’s no sport this woman won’t try. Ideal for the outdoor adventure seeker in your life, this pull-on swim skort can go from beach to tennis, without worrying about missing a beat. Prove to the active woman in your life that you know how much she values her busy schedule with this best-selling skort. 

Ella Pull-On Swim Skort by Beach House 

Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

2. For the Globetrotter in Your Life

If she’s all about catching flights, we’ve got a gift that will make her next trip a breeze. The Coral UPF50+ Travel dress is the perfect ladies apparel item for the girl on-the-go, whether she needs beach vacation clothing or something to wear on the plane. Not only does it not wrinkle when worn, it can easily fit into a carry-on, making it the perfectly-packable gift she never knew she needed. 

Coral UPF50+ Travel Dress by Anthony’s Resort Wear 

Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

3. For the Fashionista in Your Life 

Linen is back in a big way this year--it’s the star of ladies clothing. If the woman you’re shopping for is an adherent to the latest trends, this is a gift that will keep her look fresh while staying cool. And while linen is back with a vengeance this season, it’s never truly out. When you add these pants to her gift list, they’ll keep giving season after season, year after year.

Linen Palazzo Skirt by Kaktus 


4. For the Sunworshipper in Your Life 

Know a sun lover who loves to spend the days basking in the sun’s golden rays? If you answered yes, we’ve got the ideal gift for her. Not only will this coral-themed dress keep your sun-lover stylish, it will also keep her safe from the damaging rays of the sun. What other piece of ladies attire can say the same? 

Coral UPF50+ Travel Dress by Anthony’s Resort Wear 

Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

5. For the Golfer in Your Life 

If her afternoon is spent on the green expanse of a golf course, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. The Solid UPF50+ Wrap Skort is ideal for the woman who has her clubs in a row. Not only will this skirt keep her stylish, it’s made to move with her as she swings. And that’s not all--made with sun-resistant material, she can spend all day on the green without risking any red. 

Solid UPF50+ Wrap Skort by IBKUL

Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

6. For the Leopard Lover in Your Life

If you’re on the prowl for the purrfect gift for the animal print lover in your life, we’ve got you covered. These leopard fringe denim ankle pants bring the trademark style animal-print lovers adore, all while proving a leopard doesn’t have to change her spots to be stylish. 

Leopard Fringe Denim Ankle Pants by Via Ritina 

Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

7. For the Beach Lover in Your Life 

Does she wish life was more like a Beach Boys song? Does she spend all of her time with her feet buried in the sand?

If she does, give her the gift that can take her from sand to table, all while looking effortlessly stylish.This unique India Boutique cover-up is decked out in a cute anchor print and equipped with two front pockets, so you'll look and feel your best when lounging around at the beach or poolside. 

Starboard Pocket Cover-Up by India Boutique

Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

While it would be simple to add one of the items listed above to your cart and call it a day, we’ve identified some strategies that can help you go above and beyond in the art of gift-giving.

If it's the thought that really counts, we may as well put some into it and think outside the box. Just merely handing over a dress or golf skirt isn't going to thrill the recipient in the same way a special event would. Special occasions are really all about the individual gestures, and personalized kindness is easier to give than you think.

Ideas to Level-Up Your Gift Game This Year 

1. Hand Made Cards and Poems 

Wrap up your favorite Anthony's sweater or gift card and make it unique by adding something handmade.

Sure, e-cards are easy, but when was the last time your heartstrings were tugged by one?

 You don't have to evoke the Bard, or even rhyme for that matter, just speak from the heart. 

If all else fails, humor never does. 

2. Family Photo Time 

Throw on your favorite Anthony's outfit, snap a few family photos, and make a family album in an electronic frame.

 You can digitize precious memories of photos and videos. If you like, you can purchase a shoot with a theme or color scheme, creating a fun atmosphere and a shared goal.

3. Monogrammed Dreams 

Nothing says I care like monogramming! 

A distinct kitchen or hand towels always make one feel regal. There are lots of options from a crisp white no-iron shirt to a classic handkerchief. 

By the way, initials were the first logos.

4. Coordination Station 

Coordinate a getaway or bucket list item. Either pick out an outfit for a friend or loved one's upcoming trip, or go one step further and plan a journey inspired by the gift.

We underestimate the power of fun in this material, multitasking, gadget-driven tech world. 

People are looking more than ever to connect genuinely. Purchase tickets to a live play perhaps interactive or a murder mystery show sporting event like ice skating you never attend. Buy a showy hat to wear to Derby Day. Take an adventurous hot air balloon ride or try some indoor skydiving. 

5. Give the Gift of an Experience

Gift the gift with an experience. Recommend that you get together with your bestie for a class in photography, ceramics, stained glass, cooking, or more. When you gift them their present in this atmosphere, the gift takes on that much more meaning. 

6. Say Yes to Self-Care 

Indulge in a little pampering. Take a fashion risk with a friend and get jumpsuits to wear to high tea. Pitch in and indulge someone in something they think is a splurge, like a series of blow dry or mani-pedis. 

7. Volunteer 

Sign up to volunteer with someone. The experience is that much more beautiful when shared with another as you give your time to something greater than yourself. Everything from pet fostering to working in community gardens can delight. 

All of these seven experiences are a perfect excuse to gather and encourage bonding are worth more than another gift card any day. 

However, if you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift for the loved one on your list, an Anthony’s gift card never fails to bring a smile to a face.  

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