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For most of us, the days of moshing at the concerts of our favorite bands or traveling with a band ala Penny Lane in the film Almost Famous are history. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still tap into our inner rocker chick. If the Stones, Dylan, Neil Young and the Who can meet in the California desert to sell-out crowds in 2016, anyone can revisit a cool, edgy time in fashion. To relive a version of a look that’s ultra-modern, skip the sleek blowout, amp up the black eyeliner and read on.

Here, by way of a variety of rock song titles, are Anthony’s recommendations for creating a new kind of Rocker Chic Style.

PAINT IT BLACK by The Rolling Stones
Obviously, black is the foundation of all cool, sexy looks and today's Rocker Chic look is no exception. Black tops over jeans or black jeans or leggings with everything else are a perfect beginning in creating this smoldering look. That goes for clothing, footwear and eye makeup.

Without question, a skinny style of pants, leggings or jeans is mandatory for a rocker chick. Grace Slick never performed in white linen trousers or pale pink shorts - and those styles don't belong in our version of rock style either. Keep bottoms dark, black or denim - and absolutely keep them skinny.

Rocker Chic

GYPSY by Fleetwood Mac - Stevie Nicks sang lead vocals for the band - and her signature look of diaphanous dark layers over long dusters and asymmetrical hems helped boost her to the throne of Gypsy Queen of Rock and Roll. This season, Anthony's has many interpretations of this look - and it doesn't take a killer voice to make this a solid fashion statement.

Rocker Chic

EVEN FLOW by Pearl Jam -
A skinny pant and a gypsy-influenced top are enough to pull off a great Rocker Chic look but add a flowing duster or something with fringe and the look reaches rock star status. Try a fringed layer over thin fabrics or a bag with fringe trim.

BED OF ROSES by Bon Jovi -
And just in case an abundance of black starts to feel too dark, floral patterns over black and denim can still create a cool vibe. The bandana boys of Guns and Roses couldn't argue with an occasional floral pattern, right?

Rocker Chic

Here's what today's Rock Chic is NOT: the ratty, oversized flannel of 90's grunge, no contrast color bra straps under men's tanks, no feather earrings or suede headbands. No crunchy headbanger hair, no neon spandex with Reebok high tops! Today's Rock Chic is a combination smoldering sophistication with ease of wearability and modern style.

By: Elizabeth Cook


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