Alfred Dunner: Classic. Comfort. Style.

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For the fashionistas who love Alfred Dunner (and for those who haven't tried out the designer's line yet), Alfred Dunner clothing offers classic, wearable, styles. Anthony's customers have told us they also love the brand because of how comfortable the clothing is. 

"Life's too short to wear boring clothes."

So for all of the Alfred Dunner fans, we have some beautiful items in our stores and online that we are sure you'll fancy.

The Classic Pull-On Pant

Alfred Dunner's brand is well-known for its classic pull on pants. These are great for daily wear, and there are so many colors and styles to select from. A favorite is the Cactus Ranch Tailored Pull on Pant. They are great for work or play and come in two shades. The flat front and elastic waistband create a flattering effect for any occasion. 

Comfortable Knit Tees

Knit tees are also one of Alfred Dunner's classic creations. You can pair the Cactus Ranch Chevron Knit Tee with the tailored pull on pants and be all set for your next Florida adventure. The colors in the top complement the pants. You can also choose from the other cactus ranch tops. They go perfectly with the pants with their cute, embellished patterns. 

Stylish Jackets

The Twilight Point Fleece Jacket is absolutely divine for Florida winter. It's not too heavy, yet it will keep you warm when the weather gets a bit cooler. The ivory shade will look nice with the Cactus Ranch outfit we love, as well as many other Alfred Dunner styles. #sofab 

With these three specific items, you can see just the tip of all the classic, comfort, and style that the #AlfredDunner collection has to offer. Anthony's has regular and petite sizes - making the clothing a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays. Whether you're shopping for your petite mom or for your tall sister, Alfred Dunner has styles for all! We would love to help you find the most flattering Alfred Dunner styles today! Just come in to one of our stores or browse the rest of our site for more of the latest collection.

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By: Melissa Ferguson  

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