Animal prints are the cat's meow, like Joan Rivers used to always say

Posted on 22 September 2015


Can we talk? I loved the late Joan Rivers. The funny lady could be caustic, sure, but she knew fashion and style, and she loved designing for the millions of customers who bought her fashion line on QVC.

Each season, she would bring in a few new animal prints. Why? Because animal prints always look good, they always turn heads, they always provide just the right amount of camouflage – and they are as classic as black. Oh, and even better: They never go out of style!

Take it from Tarzan's Jane...and the great fashion designers Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. Leopard and zebra prints make a statement that's eternal and practically primal.

Anthony's, the women's fashion store that's first in Florida fashion, has a collection of fabulous new tops in animal prints.

The "denim animal print top" by Valentina combines just about every piece of flair you can imagine – from the denim blue background color, to the rhinestone details, to the leopard print in a patchwork style. One warning if you're going into this kind of fashion jungle: Keep all your other accessories minimal and let the print do the talking.

My favorite way to wear animal prints is pairing leopard print with tones of ivory and brown. When I'm wearing a leopard print in a top, I like a soft color in my pants and cardigan.

Leopard print just seems to go with my blond hair and my ivory pants...the same way Yves Saint Laurent's leopard trench coat seemed perfect worn by the gorgeous Catherine Deneuve.

Cat's beauty is cat-like...and who wouldn't want to look like the great Deneuve?

If you're looking for the latest in Florida fashion and the best resort wear for your casual and chic lifestyle, head to Anthony's. With 13 stores in Florida, you're sure to find an animal print that adds a wild touch to your wardrobe.

Val's vacay tip of the week: Looking for a getaway that's also the cat's meow?

St. Augustine is famous for its Bridge of Lions, and this year's the time to visit because St. Augustine is turning 450! Wear your Coconut Row Bermuda shorts and a festive print top by Milano and drive up to St. Augustine on Sept. 7. There will be a huge birthday party with a grand birthday cake, official proclamations, bluegrass and rock 'n' roll music starting at noon on the Plaza de la Constitución.

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