The Camp Shirt: Why Women Can Wear Them Now Too

What is a "camp shirt" and why will this style never go OUT of style?

Though originally designed with men in mind, the classic camp shirt – a loose-fitting, short-sleeved collared shirt that has a simple placket opening at the front -- is a fun, casual piece that's been re-imagined in the new millennium with women in mind. Depending on your mood and the setting, the collar can be worn open and spread or closed at the neck with a button and loop.

This style is classic -- far from basic! -- and the camp shirts by French Dressing at Anthony's, your women's fashion experts, are sure to make you want to pack up and head off on an adventure. (No actual camping required! Thank goodness!)

I fell in love with French Dressing camp shirts for several reasons.

The sleeves: I sometimes like to cover my upper arms, and these shirts have three-quarter-length sleeves with a tab to help you keep them up if you want to roll the sleeve.

The color and pattern: These shirts have skinny stripes in fabulous colors (my favorite, coral, looks great with my turquoise jewelry).

The hem: The hem is slightly rounded for maximum comfort and a flattering look – since you'll usually wear it untucked.

The fabric: This is the best thing of all about these shirts. They're lightweight, in 100 percent viscose. So you can wear them on their own or put a white tank top underneath and wear them open or tied over the tank top.

Camp shirts are not supposed to be tucked in -- they're as easy and breezy as our fabulous Florida resort lifestyle!

I often tie my camp shirts at the bottom. They look fabulous with white pants -- or my flowing white cotton skirt by Alfred Dunner.

These French Dressing shirts pack up small, and they'll take you everywhere -- from a cathedral in Rome to a bistro in Palm Beach Gardens.

Love the idea of camp for grownups?

Val's Florida travel tip of the week: I don't go to camp. I go to a spa! Summer is a great time to try the spas at Palm Beach County's fabulous resorts, like The Breakers. If you pay for certain spa treatments, you also get to use The Breakers beach club for the whole day. Now, THAT'S the camp for me!

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