Why you need a back to school wardrobe even if you're retired

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It's back to school time, so our kids and grandkids are stocking up on basics to take them all through the year.

When you're retired and living the fabulous Florida resort lifestyle, there's no more classroom, but we're always in school. There's so much to learn and enjoy at our age...and we need to look stylish while we do it.

That's why I go back to school shopping for myself, too, and I head to the women's fashion leader, Anthony's, for the style update I need.

This is a transition time, a time to look at events and trips we've planned for fall.

Starting an art class? Going to Disney World with the grandkids? Volunteering at the animal rescue?

You'll look forward to everything you've planned even more when you plan your outfits with a "back-to-school" boost in mind.

Here are some fabulous Florida styles I've chosen for my fall style update:

Easy cotton skirt by Alfred Dunner: This long, white, pull-on skirt is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. Why? It's classic, cool and lightweight -- and it looks appropriate for everything I do, from volunteering at Hospice to going on garden tours. I'm buying a couple new blouses by Milano to pair with this skirt -- they are the perfect length.

Catalina Island Aloha Tee by Alfred Dunner: Each season, I like to add some festive, embellished T-shirts to my collection, and this one is perfect. It's a medium-blue shirt -- a most flattering color! -- with palm trees and beach huts embroidered in white. Beads add subtle sparkle. This top goes with my white skirt, too...and it always gets compliments!

Printed ankle pant by Kristin Crenshaw: You know my Kristins are Florida's most flattering pants! Anthony's has tons of colors and patterns available in these pants -- try one and you'll buy five more, trust me! I'm adding a stretch-dot pant to my wardrobe this fall.

Have you tried Florida's most flattering pants? Now's the time!

Update your fall wardrobe with a trip to Anthony's, the leaders in Florida resort wear since 1895.

Planning some trips this fall?

Val's Florida travel tip of the week: Check out the newly updated Downtown Disney at Disney World in Orlando. Raglan Road Irish pub is my favorite, and it's often voted Orlando's favorite restaurant.

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