Val's view: Why lime is a key Florida color

Have you ever seen a khaki-colored cocktail?

Of course not! Drinking a khaki concoction is about as festive as eating sand.

Every cocktail needs a burst of delight – a lime, right?

So why not add a burst of delight to your wardrobe with a pair of lemon-lime pants?

I have a favorite new pair of Kristin Crenshaw slim ankle pants in the perfect sherbet shade of lime. This color is lively without being overwhelming. It's the perfect garnish to wear with my summer tops from Anthony's, the women's fashion store.

If you are tentative about venturing out from your summer basics of white and beige bottoms, don't be – consider this citrus color to be a new neutral.

Here's why: The color of these Kristin ankle pants is a hue found in nature, like a ripe green grape. Any color found naturally in our Florida paradise is perfect to blend into your Florida wardrobe.

Lime is a color created by mixing yellow with a splash of blue. That makes it a good canvas for adding a simple top – like the ivory Sioni sleeveless blouse – and turquoise jewelry. Turquoise is the primary color blue with a splash of yellow. It works very well with lime because it is based in the same hues.

If you study color theory, you know that green is the color of rebirth and renewal and turquoise is the color of balance and harmony. You'll feel your stress lifting just by slipping on these stretchy and eye-catching Kristins.

Another top that pairs well with my Kristins is my "Modern Mosaic Lace Tee" by Ruby Rd. The lace details on this white top, paired with the zesty lime of my Kristins makes me feel as delicious as a pina colada.

All you need to add is a turquoise necklace or turquoise bangles, and you're as chic and fresh as a summer cocktail with a twist.

Love lobster?

Val's vaca tip of the week: Key West's Lobsterfest runs from August 6 to 9. It features a Thursday night lobster boil, Friday night Duval Crawl, Saturday street fair with lobster-inspired culinary creations and a free concert, and a luscious lobster brunch Sunday. The festive feast celebrates the start of the Florida Keys lobster season. Wear your lobster-red Kristins and everything's more fun.

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