How to make a dramatic exit

Let the stars have their Hollywood premieres and fancy parties. I get the “red carpet” treatment wherever I go when I dress in my Florida sunny style – with snappy and sparkly details that demand attention coming and going.

Do you glitter when you walk?

I do…whenever I put on my Isadela slim pants from Anthony’s, the experts in women’s fashion . They have tiny rhinestone details at the hem – the perfect amount of sparkle.

Do people notice you when you walk in the door – and when you walk out? They will if you try a top like the cut-out jewel tee from Onque Casuals at Anthony’s. This top is slightly longer in the back and has delicate cut-outs. It looks like a work of art…and I’m the perfect canvas!

Do you have a kick in your step? You will when you look for details like tiny ties at the back hem of your leggings. My Bali leggings from Anthony’s are never boring – because of these tiny ties.

I love to amuse myself in life and also with my clothes, which is why I love clothes from Anthony’s that add playful movement. Look for sheer tops with pleats in back! They literally float around your body…people will notice! Just watch.

Tops with interesting details, like sheer fabric at the bottom or sharkbite hems, will help you flounce and bounce into a room…and out of a room. They say: I’ve got a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye.

Details are key to a sunny style and a sunny life. It’s the little things that count – a small amount of shimmer on a T-shirt or a tiny jewel at the hem of your pants. The only BIG thing about style is your smile.

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Love to shop, dine and people-watch?

Val’s tourist tip of the week: Make the loop at St. Armand’s Circle

You know I like to look good coming and going…and what better place to get a total view than striding around St. Armand’s Circle, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Florida. My hubby Marv and I visit the shops of St. Armand’s every time we go to Sarasota. Last time we were there, we discovered a new Greek restaurant that made us feel we had trekked to Mykonos. It’s Blu Kouzina, right on the circle, and my Greek salad was fresh and colorful – big chunks of cucumber, green pepper, onions, tomatoes and olives, with a slab of delicious Feta cheese. Yum.

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