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Whenever I want to get a quick compliment, I put on a pink top. It’s like magic – the rosy color makes me look 15 years younger.

What is it about pink that makes every woman look pretty?

Be a pretty women in pink

It’s simple – pink brings the natural glow back to our faces. If you don’t want to go around pinching your cheeks all day like Scarlet O’Hara did, then wear a top with medium tones of pink or pinky purple or pinky coral, and you are sure to get compliments.

I have a new tie-dyed shark-bite tunic from Anthony’s that is in the perfect pink hue. It’s from Anthony’s own brand, Kristin Crenshaw, the same brand as my favorite slim pants. When I wear my white pants with that pink tie-dyed T-shirt, I feel as fresh as spring. Everyone asks me if I just got back from vacation, that’s how refreshed I look.

Anthony’s is the expert on women’s resort fashion, and that’s why so many of the beautiful tops at the fashion store feature bright colors. At Anthony’s, they know that color affects a woman’s mood.

When I was in my 20s, I wore red lipstick to make a statement. Now I wear medium pink – it’s softer than red, which makes it more flattering now that I’m in my fabulous 60s.

As we age, we lose color – our hair gets gray and our skin gets more drab. Cue the fashion experts at Anthony’s! They’ll help you pick the most flattering hues to put color back into your life.

Incorporate some color into your wardrobe

As Carol Davidson, the founder of Styleworks in New York City, told “Because our pigmentation softens and we appear to lose color (for example the graying process with hair), adding a bit of color back into the clothing we wear helps us look more well-rested, vibrant and younger.”

Another way to find a good color for you: Take a close look at your eyes and identify the darkest and lightest hues in the colored part of your eyes. You’ll almost always look good in those colors.

Certain colors look great on most every woman over 50. Warm pink is one.

“Universally flattering colors for those over 50 are more balanced, mid-range colors,” says Davidson. “Think about periwinkle blue, medium violet, watermelon red, warm pink, teal, medium turquoise, medium gray and soft white.”

I have another favorite top from Anthony’s that blends several of those flattering hues – my Sunset shark bite-hem tunic from Jess and Jane. It mixes turquoise, coral, pink and purple on a soft white background. This top is flattering and versatile – I pair it with bottoms in all those colors, and the shark bite hem makes me look 10 pounds thinner.

So here’s my summer style tip that’s as fresh and cool as a watermelon: Throw out your basic black and think pink!

Love to gaze at the pinks, purples and corals of a Florida sunset?

Val’s vacation tip of the week: Watching the sunset is a daily party in Key West! My husband Marv and I love the Keys classics, like drinks at Sloppy Joe’s and the sunset ritual in Mallory Square, and we’ve discovered new places lately, too.

Try the new Waterfront Brewery (201 William St.). It’s in the iconic Waterfront Market and features a 2,500-square-foot tasting room featuring live music on an outdoor deck, as well as two restaurant concepts: fine dining upstairs and laidback pub downstairs. They brew using local ingredients like honey, key lime, star fruit and mango. Try the Crazy Lady Honey Blonde – I like it because of the name!

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