My new Florida fashion best friends: Zac and Rachel

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Don't you love it when you look so chic, people think you spent $300 on your tunic – but you spent only $30?

I sure do! Finding luxury lookalikes is easy when I shop at Anthony's, the women's clothing store that's first in Florida fashion.

This week, I discovered a brand at Anthony's that looks every bit as expensive as those brands with "Eileen" and "Jill" in the name. It's Zac and Rachel, my new Florida fashion best friends.

This line is perfect for fall dressing in Florida. My favorite new Zac and Rachel top is a lightweight knit tunic with a swingy A-line shape. It's perfect for leggings, because it fits at the shoulders and swings out over my hips and thighs.

What's more, it's in a fabulous, rich-looking fabric called "mélange." Some folks call this a "marled" fabric.

What's mélange? It's a fabric that blends threads of more than one color. So, if you have a mélange knit of black and white, it results in a gray-colored fabric. If you mix black and blue threads, the knit looks midnight blue. If you mix black and green, the look is dark emerald.

Mélange provides the look of texture with no bulk. It creates a heathered effect in fabric. In short, mélange is magic! It's also perfect for your Florida fall wardrobe.

Zac and Rachel mélange tunics come in black and white, black and blue and black and green. The easy-care knit rolls up into a tiny ball for packing and never wrinkles. I bought all three colors. My friends will think I hit the lottery – but all three cost less than $100!

These Zac and Rachel tunics are a great weight for layering, too. I can layer my black crochet vest from Joseph A. over the tops. I also like to layer a black cardigan over the tops and then roll the bottom of the long-sleeve top over the cardigan – so it looks like a cuff.

These tunics go everywhere, and they're easy to care for. They will be perfect when my hubby Marv and I enjoy the new restaurants at Harbourside Place in Jupiter. Plus, I'll pack them when we go on our Viking River Cruise this winter.

No wonder they're a hit at Anthony's, the leaders in women's resort wear and casual lifestyle fashions.

Val's vacay tip of the week: Just two hours away, a nice place to play

I'll be taking my Zac and Rachel tunics on several getaways this fall, including one to Melbourne. Melbourne has the cutest historic downtown and a fabulous beach. My hubby Marv and I want to check out Melbourne Beach's newest bed-and-breakfast, the SeaGlass Inn. Opened in 2013, the inn is a refurbished 1915 boarding house.

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