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Mother’s Day isn’t about new stuff…it’s about making sure Mom knows how much you love her.

My kids and grandkids know the way to my heart on Mother’s Day: They pick out a colorful top, dress or pants from my favorite store, Anthony’s Florida boutiques, and then they write a card to go with it telling me how I bring color and nurturing love to their lives.

Mother's Day Outfits for All Moms

This year, I have my eye on some tropical print pants and a bright green T-shirt from Onque Casuals. The pants look like I’m wearing a garden on my legs. I love them – especially on Mother’s Day, because watching my children blossom has been the joy of my life.

All you moms out there will know what I mean: Seeing your children grow and become their authentic selves is the greatest thrill. You can’t buy that thrill, but you can reward yourself for all the nurturing you’ve done by buying yourself a pair of tropical-print pants. (Or print out a page from the Anthony’s web site,, and give them a hint!)

These pants are perfect to go to brunch with the family or just about any place in Florida you want to go and get lots of compliments.

If you’d rather wear your pattern up higher, try a floral-print scarf with bright green top and a long, white flowing skirt (I love my Alfred Dunner white skirt from Anthony’s). That’s an outfit that will go from church to brunch.

Anthony’s has been dressing Florida’s most fashionable moms for 125 years, and Anthony’s has always been about showing off the color of our tropical paradise. It’s a four-generation family business.

So, when you’re out and about celebrating the generations of your own family on Mother’s Day, wear something bright. Show the world what a colorful and nurturing Mom you are, and surround yourself with the best blooms you’ve ever planted – your children.

Want to make Mother’s Day memories?

Val’s family fun tip of the week: Let your children spoil you on Mother’s Day…by asking them to tell you what their favorite memories of you are.Go to a place for dinner that’s casual but fun, like the Old Key Lime House in Lantana. Built in 1889, it’s Florida’s oldest waterfront restaurant. It’s a family business, like the Anthony’s women’s fashion stores. The Anthony brothers opened their first clothing store in Palm Beach in 1895, and now the family has 13 stores in sunny Florida.

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