Val’s View: How to fall in love in February

Posted on 06 February 2015

Are you wearing the right outfit for romance?

There’s actually a science behind what women wear and how men respond to them. Last February, Psychology Today wrote all about it.

I’ve combined the magazine’s tips with some of my own. I’ve been married a long time, but Marv still looks twice when I show up for dinner in a red top. Now we know why!

Red and black say romance

Recent studies have proven that men around the world find women more attractive and sexy when they’re wearing red or black – rather than colors like green, yellow or white. (My personal thought: Wearing white in Florida can be very sexy, too – in a fresh and natural way!) But scientific evidence proves that red and black are the visual clues for passion. It works the opposite way, too: Women think men wearing black shirts are sexier than men wearing blue shirts.

Natural and wonderful

The Palm Beach Post once did a survey of its readers and asked men what outfits they found most attractive on women. No surprise – men like women who do not wear a lot of makeup and who feel comfortable in jeans and T-shirts. That’s great for me – since NYDJ jeans and casual T’s from Anthony’s are my go-to outfit.

My own personal science experiment: I have a flowy, white top from Anthony’s – made by Milano at the great price of $29.99 -- that I pair with turquoise jewelry. Every time my daughter posts a photo of me wearing this top on Facebook, the “Likes” go through the roof! It’s a natural, casual look that people like.

Want to know how to put the look together? Head to Anthony’s, the Florida woman’s best fashion friend for 100 years! Anthony’s has a great selection of casual women’s fashion that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Show you care 

Scientists say people will find you more attractive if YOU find yourself attractive. That means carrying yourself with confidence, holding your head high and wearing clothes that both look great and make you feel great about yourself. People want to be around people who are uplifting and fun – and this shows in your appearance.

Looking for romance this Valentine’s Day?

Val’s tip of the week: Pay attention.

The most romantic thing Marv ever did for me was write me a romantic note about all the things he loved about me. Paying attention to what makes someone special is the greatest show of love. So pay attention! Take your significant other to dine outside and watch the beautiful Florida sunset…and be sure to tell him or her they are more beautiful to you than the sky!

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