Val’s View: Want to look great? Remember the 3 C’s of Florida Style

Now that I’m living in paradise – South Florida! – I am free to truly be ME.

I've traded the “power suit” of my career for the power of personal style.

I get my Florida beach wear at Anthony’s women’s fashion stores because the sales associates know how to dress me for the fun time of life I call my “most captivating chapter” of all.

They pointed me to “The 3 C’s of Florida Style.”


COMFORT: If it’s tight, it won’t look right

Comfort is the first rule of Florida fashion. I traded my stilettos for sandals, and now I make sure my jeans have Spandex for stretch. Have you tried the ultra-comfortable NYDJ jeans or the Kristin Crenshaw denim pants at Anthony’s? Once you do, you’ll know how comfort and style can go together.

You’ll look so good and feel so comfy, you can go to the captain’s table or a party at the house of your snootiest neighbor – or take an eight-hour plane ride to Europe.

CAMOUFLAGE: Focus on what you love and hide what you don’t

If you’re like me, you’ve lived long enough to love yourself the way you are.

Who needs a crop top when I can still look fabulous by buying fun fashions at Anthony’s that make the most of what I’ve got.

My shoulders are my best asset, and I like to cover my thighs.

So my Lola P. sundress from Anthony’s is my best friend. It’s bright and comfy and flows where I need flow.

I also love slim pants and tunics with an asymmetrical hem. My Pretty Woman black-and-white print tunic fits me at the shoulders and then flows out to give me coverage where I like it. So does my black, white and gray animal-print tunic from Jess & Jane. Both tops work well with white or black bottoms – like my slim NYDJ white jeans or my Coconut Row Palm Beach capris.

CONFIDENCE: Carry yourself like a queen

The quickest way to feel chic and beautiful is to stand up straight and hold your head high. Try it – good posture can take 10 pounds and 10 years off your look.

Choose outfits that are as colorful and vibrant as YOU! Utilize the opinion of a great sales associate, like the ladies at Florida’s women’s fashion leader, Anthony’s.

Put Anthony’s 3 C’s of Florida Style together and you’ll look your best and feel great – no matter what chapter of life you’re enjoying now.


Val’s tip of the week: Enjoy our delicious seasonal foods.

Did you enjoy Honeybell oranges in January? Be sure to enjoy stone crabs this season, too. They’re here through May. Who says Florida doesn’t have seasons? We DO have seasons…and they show in our food.

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Question: would you kindly list a sizing chart for the ones who order? It is a gamble to order when one has no guide line.

Thank you!

Question: would you kindly list a sizing chart for the ones who order? It is a gamble to order when one has no guide line.

Thank you!

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