Val's View: Looking for beauty? It's in the little things

When I was in my 20s, I worried about all kinds of things. Every decision seemed huge. Who to marry. What career path to take. Where to live.

Those decisions were major life-changers, sure.

However…now that I’m in my 60s, I know that life’s most beautiful moments are the small ones, the ones we miss if we’re not careful.I was reminded of this the other day, when I watched the finale of the wonderful NBC series “Parenthood.” That show touched my heart. For six years, I followed the emotional ups and downs of the Braverman family. In the finale, there is a wedding and a funeral – and both are full of small and powerful details: How a mother smiles at her child. How brothers make amends. How generations bond by simply spending time together playing softball.

That show was full of small moments, and the summation of all those moments took my breath away.

We live in Florida, which means we are the lucky recipients of God’s paradise. Everything is beautiful – from a grand sunset to the smallest flower.

What we wear to enjoy this beauty is also wonderful in the details. I notice fabulous fashion details every time I shop at Anthony’s, the Florida fashion experts.

I love the border prints on the T-shirts in the Ruby Rd. Spring Collection, for example. And the side ruching on some of the Ruby Rd. tops. You can pull a string and make one side of the top a little shorter, or release the string to make it longer.


I also love the women resort tops from the Anthony’s Resort Wear Spring Line with their delicate beaded tees and tops. And, of course, the buttons at the knee of my favorite Coconut Row Bermuda shorts make a small but tailored statement.

Small details make a big impact – in women’s fashion as well as in life.

Love small servings with big taste?

Val’s tasty tip of the week: Try the “dolchinos” at Brio.

I always like a sweet ending to a meal, but I don’t want to indulge in a huge piece of cake. That’s why I like the individual servings of desserts – the “dolchinos” – at Brio Tuscan Grille. Delicious treats such as milk chocolate caramel cake and tiramisu come in small glasses. It’s the perfect size to satisfy your sweet tooth. Brio has several locations in South Florida, including CityPlace in West Palm Beach, The Gardens mall in Palm Beach Gardens, and the Waterside Shops in Naples. 

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