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Welcome to Anthony's Ladies Apparel, where we're excited to showcase our wide selection of IBKUL women's clothing!

IBKUL is a resortwear brand with a focus on functional and fashionable clothing for women who want to stay cool and stylish in Florida's summer heat. Known for its Icefil Cooling Technology and UPF50+ protection, these products are the perfect choice for any outdoor activity or daily wear.

At Anthony's, we're proud to carry a variety of different IBKUL products, from shirts and tops to pants, skirts, and skorts. Whether you're looking for a cute print or a classic style, we've got you covered! Browse our exclusive IBKUL and Anthony's collaborations and join us in explore all the unique features of the IBKUL brand.


Creates a cooling thermal reaction that lowers your skin temperature up to five degrees.


Blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays, reducing your exposure to UV radiation.


Keeps you odor-free all day long with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial features.


Creates a cooling thermal reaction that lowers your skin temperature up to five degrees.


Blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays, reducing your exposure to UV radiation.


What Makes IBKUL Unique?

IBKUL is far from your average clothing brand, and the unique features incorporated in the design of their products truly makes them stand out from the rest.

First and foremost, IBKUL's Icefil Cooling Technology is a game-changer for hot summer days. This innovative technology converts your body's perpiration into a cooling refrigerant, reducing the temperature of your skin up to five degrees. And with the midday sun beating down on you, every degree counts!

Along with their patented Icefil technology, IBKUL also designs their clothing with UPF50+ protection that blocks 98% of the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays. Unlike sunscreen, which offers SPF protection, UPF protection is always one step ahead. While suncreens block only UVB rays, UPF fabric combats both UVB and UVA rays, and keeps the radiation from ever reaching your skin in the first place. And you never need to reapply!

Besides incorporating these impressive technical features, IBKUL designs products with a distinct creative flair. Eye-catching, colorful prints fill their collection. These stunning patterns are available in a wide variety of styles, from classic polo shirts to flowy dresses and skirts, ensuring that there is an IBKUL for everyone.

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What To Expect From IBKUL

At Anthony's Ladies Apparel, we believe that our customers deserve the best, which is why we're proud to carry a wide range of IBKUL products.

Don't just take our word for it though, check out what our customers have to say about this best-selling brand!

Love all three of the Ibkul sun shirts I purchased. I play golf and they are not only functional, but extremely beautiful. They launder beautifully also. I will most assuredly purchase again.


Anthony's Customer

I really like IBKUL brand sun shirts and I love this new colorful print. I wear them year-round. In the colder weather, they are great underneath zippered sweatshirts.

Barbara G.

Anthony's Customer

Can I bleach IBKUL products?

Bleach will break down the fibers over the long term and the fabric will lose its performance features as well as elasticity. This is one of the many reasons bleach should not be used in the washing process for an IBKÜL garment.

Can I put my IBKUL clothing in the dryer?

IBKÜL garments are not to be put in the dryer as it's not a good idea to put any nylon/spandex based performance yarn in the dryer because it breaks down the fibers. This is true with most yarns of any nature. By putting the IBKÜL product in the dryer, the life of the special performance features our product offers such as color clarity, wicking, anti-microbial features and most important our IceFil cooling element, will be shortened. Please follow the handling instruction on the hang tag on your IBKÜL garment for best care.

Can I wear IBKUL products while swimming?

Yes, IBKUL tops can be used for swimming, but please note that if you are swimming in a pool, depending on the chlorine level(s), the fibers will eventually breakdown, reducing the cooling element as well as the clarity of the print and or solid color. Chlorine will wither any fabric whether it is a poly, nylon or cotton based yarn, chlorine will slowly erode the fibers and it's features. The nylon based yarn we use at IBKÜL will hold up to these elements for a longer length of time than poly or cotton but will eventually breakdown the fibers over time. This is true with any swim garment.

Do IBKUL dresses come with pockets or shorts?

IBKUL dresses were designed with the intention to be worn as daytime/resort dresses, but many prefer to wear IBKUL dresses for golf. This is the reason we offer the IBKUL Performance Slip Short, which has two side pockets and can be worn under any dresses that do not accommodate your needs.

How do I care for my IBKUL products?

Washing Instructions For All Knit Tops, Knit Jackets and Woven Bottoms:

  • Machine Wash Cold With Similar Colors
  • Do Not Hand Wash
  • Do Not Use Bleach, Woolite or Fabric Softener
  • Hang To Dry
  • Use Cool Iron If Necessary
  • Do Not Dry Clean

How long does UPF50+ Sun Protection and IceFil Technology last?

If the garment is cared for correctly and the washing instructions are followed as written per the internal hang tag, the IBKUL garment will provide 50 UPF+ protection shielding as well as IBKUL's exclusive IceFil Cooling Technology for many years. However, if not cared for correctly, like any garment, the fibers will break down and the garment will lose its integrity.

How are IBKUL items sized? Is there a size guide for IBKUL products?

Why can't I find IBKUL in my size?

At this time, IBKUL does not offer petite, tall or plus sizing, however, XS–2XL sizes are available in select styles. In trying to build the best product, they never stop analyzing the fit of our items, and are always making improvements. We have no doubts that people of all sizes have a love for the outdoors, and as IBKUL expands their sizing, we hope to be able to offer these additional sizes to our customers.

Why is this item no longer available? When will this IBKUL item come back in stock?

IBKUL launches three new and exclusive print lines every year, one every 4 months, in addition to any exclusive Anthony's and IBKUL collaboration prints. We do offer IBKUL solid tops, skorts, and dresses year round and regularly restock our inventory. To be notified of new and exclusive IBKUL print launches, subscribe to our newsletter.


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