What is Resort Casual Attire?

What is Resort Casual Attire?

What is resort casual attire and where can I wear it? Read on to learn more about this trendy style for summer.

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Are you getting ready for a resort vacation but have absolutely no idea what to wear? Resort attire varies from one place to another, but in most cases, casual resort wear is at the top of the dress code.

But what exactly does resort casual mean and where can I find the best casual clothing for my resort or cruise ship trip? We’ve got you covered. Read on to learn what resort casual dress means, staple styles to include in your suitcase and new pieces from Anthony’s Florida to consider:

What is Resort Casual Attire?

When you describe resort casual attire, this is a style type that involves clothing that offers comfort and relaxation in an informal location. These pieces will require little to no fuss to keep in great shape, so you don’t have to worry about wrinkles while lounging on the beach.

Many would associate resort casual with effortless fashion - this style allows you to look great without spending hours on your outfit.

Where Can You Wear Resort Casual Attire?

While a vacation spot is typically the place to wear resort attire, that doesn’t mean you have to put your boat shoes and collared shirts in the closet for the rest of the year. Here are some other spots to sport your resort casual attire:

  • The country club.
  • The garden.
  • The park.
  • The beach.

Resort wear is perfect for the warmer months - it’s designed with temperature in mind so you can feel equally comfortable and stylish.

Best Choices for a Resort Casual Dress Code

Getting ready to pack your bags for a resort vacation? If resort casual is on the dress code, make sure you have these staple pieces in your suitcase:


Sundresses are a resort staple, and likely the piece of clothing that you’ll pack multiples of for your vacation. Sundresses for resort casual can be any color or pattern and essentially any fit and length.

Polo Shirts

A polo is the perfect casual dress shirt for any occasion during your resort vacation. Take a walk on the beach in your polo, or sport it during a game of tennis with your best friend. Wear it to the bar and a whale watching excursion. The polo is one of the most versatile garments for resort casual style, so make use of it!

Skirts and Shorts

Looking for the right piece to pair with your polo? Skirts and shorts are stylish and comfortable options, allowing you to sport resort casual with ease.

Cardigan Sweaters

Casual sweaters are perfect for vacation when you need an extra layer to provide total comfort and relaxation. Pack a few lightweight cardigans to wear during your sunset beach walk.

Linen Pants

If you want to show other resort guests that you love a casual look that goes with the flow, bring along a pair of linen pants. These are the ideal type of pants for a full-day relaxation look. Throw these on to grab breakfast at the cafe, lounge on the patio with a book and sit at the poolside bar with your significant other.

Crop Pants

Crop pants or capris make the perfect option for resort casual wear because they’re less formal and more laid back than traditional length pants. Match your crop pants with a polo shirt or flowy blouse for a subtle sophisticated look.


If a resort has a relaxed dress code, you may be able to spend the vacation in your flip flops. However, some resorts may require you to wear casual dress shoes and sandals such as flats, open toed slides or wedges.

Bathing Suits and Cover-Ups

No matter how strict the resort dress code is, bathing suits are always on the list! For a more resort casual look, bring along a mesh top or macramé cover up.

Jumpers or Rompers

If you’re looking for evening resort casual attire and you don’t want to wear another sundress, a floral jumper or solid romper can deliver chic comfort. Wear these garments to dinner or out for cocktails with newly acquired friends.


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Find What You Need from Anthony’s Florida

Searching for trendy resort casual women’s wear? Anthony’s Florida has the latest styles ready just in time for spring and summer 2022. Find all of the bold and bright options you need for your next resort vacation. Some of the most beautiful options include:

From elegant casual cruise wear to linen pants for the country club, Anthony’s Florida has everything you need to achieve resort casual attire and formal looks. Shop our collection of resort wear today to complete your vacation wardrobe.

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