Val's View: Spoil Yourself On Mother's Day!

Posted on 16 April 2021

Any reason to be kind to ourselves and one another is always a good idea. On any given day, it is important to indulge a little, and Mother’s Day especially provides the perfect reminder that you are worth spoiling, whether or not you have kids. I believe that a woman embodies the spirit of motherhood when she is nurturing- not only to children but to friends, neighbors, parents, pets, and herself. I want to highlight some of the many varieties of mothers and how each type can truly pamper herself this holiday.


Jess and Jane Critters Cotton Knit Top


Pet Mom

Love to treat your fur babies like royalty? If you are blessed with the joy of four-legged, cuddly creatures, a great way to keep them extra soft and snuggly is a mobile grooming service. You can also gift your pet a fresh bed with a washable cover so they can lounge around in style. If you need a break for a day, doggie daycare is a wonderful way to take some time to yourself while keeping your pup entertained. Whatever you have planned for Mother’s Day, the Critters Cotton Knit Top by Jess and Jane will help you wear your heart on your sleeve by letting everyone know how much you adore your pooch.


IBKUL Jacklin Geometric UPF50+ Sleeveless Zip Dress

On-The-Go Mom

Always busy wearing several hats like chef, gardener, housekeeper, teacher? Try a little delegating and creative planning to get all of that done! Meal delivery kits like Hello Fresh are incredible time savers for food prep. Combining errands and waking up an hour earlier allows for more “me time”. If you’re caught in rush hour traffic, turn up the radio and sing out loud; it’s a real stress buster. No time to fuss with wardrobe woes? Throw on an IBKUL dress like the Jacklin Geometric UPF50+ Sleeveless Zip Dress with a pair of sandals. You can look polished in a jiff and still have extra time to cross more off your to-do list!


Tribal Open Weave Lurex Sweater and Tribal Reptile Pull-On Bengaline Capri Pant

Homebody Momma

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy declared, clicking her heels. If that’s your philosophy, make your comfort zone your throne. Find a special spot in your house and claim it as your own, a command center if you will. Create a nook to keep on top of paperwork and make dream boards. Of course, you do have to venture outside your castle sometimes, so keep outfit-planning a breeze by organizing your closet with go-to ensembles for each season. An example of a great casual look for spring that you can wear outdoors or relax in at home is the Open Weave Lurex Sweater alongside the Reptile Pull-On Bengaline Capri Pant, both by Tribal.


French Dressing Monet Floral Button-Front Blouse


Art Aficionado Mom

Express your creative side through your clothes! I am a huge fan of Impressionistic paintings because they transport you to another time and place. Claude Monet was a master of this style and the Monet Floral Button-Front Blouse, made by French Dressing, is like wearing a piece of art. If you feel inspired to express yourself artistically, there are kits you can buy at arts and crafts supplies stores to make your own beaded jewelry, murals, and even frames for your projects. Art is a tool for self-fulfillment, and creativity on any level is known to boost your mood, so try it out this Mother’s Day.


Tribal Birds Of Paradise Pull-On Capri Pant

Adventure Seeker / Nature Lover Mother

Eco-babes and Earth mommas unite! If you have a green thumb (or even if you don’t), seasonal flower and greens planters come pre-assembled for your gardening pleasure. Lavender, aloe, rosemary, and basil are resilient plants for new gardeners to experiment with. I love tending to my flowers, and the birds of paradise plants in my front yard remind me of the Birds Of Paradise Pull-On Capri Pant by Tribal, which is bright and uplifting to the senses. Need a change of scenery? I like to take what I call “micro-vacations” which are half-day outings. Pack a lunch and go to your nearby botanical gardens. A reprieve from the mundane recharges one’s batteries.


Bleu by Rod Beattie Island Time Caftan

Spa Mom

Soothing my inner goddess with beauty treatments is right up my alley. I feel like a princess after a jacuzzi and ice bath, which boosts the immune system and is great for the pores. With a mani-pedi, a hair mask, and my new anti-aging facial wand, I’m ready to take on the world. Add in a relaxing afternoon swim and a session with a good book while wearing the Bleu by Rod Beattie Island Time Caftan, and I feel just like royalty. Use this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to revitalize yourself!


Jess and Jane Impression Mineral Wash Diagonal Pocket Tunic

Creative Kitchen Mom

For the culinary boss lady, there are so many options. Clever with a cleaver? A set of new knives are always welcome. Buy a one-step coffee maker, and you just knocked 15 minutes off your morning routine. Food for thought: a lady who regularly whips up meals would look great in the Impression Mineral Wash Diagonal Pocket Tunic by Jess and Jane. In case there are any splashes or spills while trying out your newest recipe, the pattern on this tunic is perfect for camouflage.


Kaktus Floral Linen-Blend Drawstring Lounge Pant

Generous Mother

Sharing is caring, and assisting the less fortunate to pay it forward is a gift that keeps giving. Donate gently used items to your local charitable thrift store, and while there, you can reward yourself by purchasing a little trinket to keep. If you need something comfortable to wear while perusing the thrift shop, try the Floral Linen-Blend Drawstring Lounge Pant by Kaktus. It’s the thought that counts, so take a minute to do something special on Mother’s Day, even if it’s just for yourself.


All Mothers Deserve TLC

Mothers foster peace and spread love, enriching the world with their care. Being a mother is one of the most incredible journeys of self-discovery: first, you learn to be selfless, and then you relearn how to treat yourself more often. Believe me when I say, “The peaceful mother is like no other!”

Which type of mother are you, and how do you plan to indulge yourself this Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Cindy Andrews: April 27, 2021

    Love these ideas. Val beautiful that you included pet Mamas

  • Isabel A. Bustamante: April 22, 2021

    Well said, Val! I love perusing your Blog for your great ideas and clever anecdotes! Especially love your unwavering style! Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all of the moms and grandmoms out there! There isn’t a job in the world that’s more valuable and worthwhile than being someone’s mom! Even if you’re only child is a fur baby. I have to have one of those “Critters Cotton Knit Tops” with the weiner dogs pattern printed on it!

  • Akilah: April 22, 2021

    Nice post on some of the varieties of Mothers and matching attire for their personalities.

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