Val's View: Shining A Spotlight On My Favorite Shorts - Anthony's Ladies Apparel

Val's View: Shining A Spotlight On My Favorite Shorts

Let’s talk about shorts: whether you already enjoy wearing them or if it’s been a while, I'd like to share some of my favorite examples from Anthony's that will help you feel comfortable and look great!
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Not All Shorts Are Created Equal

Let’s talk about shorts: I have a long history with these functional favorites, and I have found that size, length, and fit matter most. One of the best reasons for wearing shorts is that they are the easiest way to beat the summer heat- in Florida, the temps can reach well into the 90’s even in the shade! I have been a fan of the freedom, ease, and comfort of shorts since my first memories of running around Miami in cut-offs as a carefree kid.


Anthony's Resort Wear Pull-On Stretch Short


Our society has become more casual than ever, so despite outdated notions about my age (56 years young!) I decided I won’t break up with my lifelong closet staple. I have to admit, though, I did pause during my last wardrobe update and wonder whether it was still ok to pick up a few modern pairs of shorts. I was in my head for a minute and then realized that nobody really cares, and as long as I’m not wearing Daisy Dukes, it is perfectly fine to sport shorts at any age. Nowadays, I look for great quality and clean lines, and I love to style my shorts with a lightweight Kaktus linen top. For example, I’m quite fond of the unbelievably flattering Anthony’s Resort Wear Pull-On Stretch Shorts because they fit like a glove and come in a wide range of fun colors.

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Who can forget the 1980s Nair commercial with that famous jingle? As ladies, it was our turn to show some leg; after all, Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. was driving his red Ferrari across our television screens in short shorts, and we were up for it! These days, shorts are available in several lengths, and you can choose your inseam according to your tastes. It doesn’t matter if you are petite, curvy, tall, modest, or even a little daring- you can find a great match. Chosen wisely, you will look poised and comfortable in your shorts. Confidence goes a long way, and ultimately all that matters is how you feel!

Young At Heart

Your perception of yourself is what matters most. Most likely, others are not thinking about your age or your comfort level more than you are. I live near South Beach and see women going shopping in bikinis all the time. There is nothing wrong with being body proud, but I could easily hand out a few fashion police citations! On the other hand, shorts let you show off your curves, flatter your derriere, and pull it all off in style.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for the right pair of shorts for you:

1. How: find the right fit and length, choose a good quality fabric that moves and doesn’t wrinkle, select colors and patterns that you love
2. Where: boating, park, pool deck, even out to dinner
3. When: all year-round, rain or shine, because in Florida, it’s almost always shorts weather


Breezes Pull-On Stretch Bermuda Short

Elevate Your Look With Shorts

Clean edges and thoughtful details make all the difference. Try to avoid ripped or frayed styles and seek the coverage that lets you stretch without tugging every time you make a move. I love bermuda-length shorts paired with an Espadrille sandal, an ideal combo for dining alfresco that reminds me of my time in seaside Barcelona. The Love Boat was my favorite show, and I still want to evoke that getaway feeling in my clothes.

The Long And Short Of It

The joy that shorts bring is something you may already enjoy. If so, keep calm and carry on! If it’s been a while, here are some excellent pieces that will help you feel comfortable wearing shorts again:


Anthony's Resort Wear Sea Garden Pull-On Stretch Short

Anthony’s Resort Wear: There are multiple colors, prints, and lengths of shorts available by this brand. I especially love the Sea Garden Pull-On Stretch Short, the Embroidered Flamingoes Pull-On Stretch Short, and the Palm Print Pull-On Stretch Short.


Coconut Row Pull-On Classic Bermuda Short

Coconut Row: The built-in tummy control of the Pull-On Classic Bermuda Short makes the silhouette of these just-above-the-knee-length shorts all the more stunning. These bermudas are available in 4 neutral shades that can complement any patterned top you wear alongside them.


Krazy Larry Rainbow Rays Pull-On Short

Krazy Larry: Statement-making bold prints on stylish bottoms are this brand’s signature, and their pull-on shorts are no exception. The Rainbow Rays Pull-On Short is bright and fun, and the special, high-quality bengaline fabric ensures a long-lasting garment.


Zac and Rachel Bold Blossoms Pull-On Bermuda Short

Zac and Rachel: The no-gapping waistband of the Bold Blossoms Pull-On Bermuda Short will help you to look and feel picnic-ready, while the New Millennium Bermuda Short, a longtime customer favorite available in multiple solid colors, is perfect for almost any occasion.

Now more than ever, people of all ages are embracing their natural desire to relax, and “athleisure” styles are all the rage. I try to stay on the right side of trends, though I only like wearing clothing that suits my personality. So if Cheryl Tiegs, conservationist and supermodel, still wears shorts at 73, I will also blaze my own path and stick to my trend of being me!

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