Val's View: Simplify Your Packing with the 54321 Method

Val's View: Simplify Your Packing with the 54321 Method

I love to travel and I've become a pro at packing for trips. Here are some helpful hints for packing the perfect suitcase!
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Val's View: Simplify Your Packing with the 54321 Method

Packing for a trip doesn’t need to be a daunting task if you know where to start. The 54321 method is a simple and effective approach that can help you streamline the process. Whether you're getting ready for a weekend getaway or long vacation, this method can make getting packed efficient and easy.

Do the Math

The 54321 approach is a systematic approach to packing your belongings by breaking down the process into five categories:

5 outfits

4 essential accessories

3 toiletries

2 special items

1 bag

Five Outfits: The Foundation of Your Packing Endeavor

Choose 5 complete looks. This includes tops, bottoms, dresses, and layers like sweaters or jackets. You’ll know you have packed a great suitcase when you have a mixture of casual and formal clothing. I’m packing for a wedding in Canada right now, so I will include lightweight tops and pants for exploring the city and dressy attire for the celebratory nuptials. In order to make the most of my space, I like to choose versatile pieces that I will mix and match to coordinate and wear more than once. Your 5 looks will save you time getting ready!

Four Essential Accessories: To Enhance and Provide Function

Choose 4 accessories. I love to use shoes, purses, belts, and jewelry to bring an extra touch of polish to my overall look. Experiment to see which accessories complement the majority of your outfits.

Three Toiletries: Staying Well-Groomed

Choose 3 toiletries. I like to bring sample sizes of my favorite face cream and hair products. Most hotels have a blow dryer in the room, but I need my round brush so I consider that an essential.

Two Special Items: Creature Comforts

Choose 2 extras. These can be unique to your trip. Whether it’s a book, camera, sports equipment, or a scented travel candle, take whatever you need to relax and make the most out of your vacation. You can even bring along your favorite green tea.

One Bag: Traveling Light

Pack 1 bag. Choose the right size so you can find your belongings without too much hassle. If you have just enough room and use this method, you won’t overpack. Look for lightweight luggage that is easy to carry or roll and don’t forget to add a distinctive tag to spot your luggage easily.

Once you get this method down, you will be able to pack quickly. When you are traveling to multiple cities, you will be organized and mobile!

Travel is a Gift We Give Ourselves

I never take for granted the opportunity to get away. If this packing method saves time and gets me on the road, then I’m on board. Pack smartly to minimize the stress of overthinking your clothing so you can enjoy more of your experience. Anthony’s has so many options that are perfect for the 54321 method, from Zac and Rachel joggers to elegant knit tops by Jess and Jane. I love bringing Parsley and Sage dresses because they flatter my body and pack like a dream.

However you decide to pack and wherever you go, I hope you make the best of your journey!


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