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Tribal Basic Pants - The Best Fit, We Promise

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Do you want slimming, flattering, waist-flattening pants? Are you looking to be comfortable when you sit, stand, and move around? Do you need a pant for work or a night out that is made of quality material that will last for years to come? Tribal basic pants have all these traits, and they will not disappoint. The Tribal basic pant is well-known for its stretch bengaline fabric, flat front and tailored leg, and its versatility. Anthony's is excited to have the Tribal pants being sold exclusively online and the rest of the collection will be available this December.

Tribal Basic Pants - The Best Fit, We Promise

Tribal Stretch Bengaline Fabric

Why is Tribal known for its bengaline fabric? Well, that's because the stretch bengaline fabric features details that create just enough stretch for plenty of added comfort. Tribal's bengaline fabric is wonderful for creating a beautiful, feminine silhouette for any day or evening event or activity. The fabric has about 15 percent vertical stretch for added ease.

Tribal Flat Front and Tailored Leg

Pull-on pants are great when you want not only a flat-front, but also the look of a tailored leg. Tribal basic pants are a fabulous choice for those reasons alone. These pants will give women the tummy control and comfort we are looking for, but also the professional tailored look we love.

Tribal Versatility

Being that Tribal basic pants and Tribal pull-on ankle pants are so versatile, you can wear them to a luncheon, happy hour, a work event, or while traveling. The pants are sketchy, yet durable, so they are sure to become a new wardrobe staple in any woman's closet.


More About Tribal Basic Pants

Tribal has become very popular for its bengaline pants. These pants are truly the best, most comfortable pull-on pant. Tribal includes a stylish, beautiful, collection of pants, jeans, blouses, jackets, sweaters, and more. Modern, mature, women tend to love the classic styles that Tribal is continuing to develop. Once you try Tribal basic pants on, you will realize they offer the ideal comfort and silhouette for any activity that you can dream of.

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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