The Coobie Bra Is That Good

The Coobie Bra Is That Good

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As women, we have used garments designed to lift, separate, and restrain our breasts since as early as 2000 B.C. From the 1500s until the 1800s the corset was the primary under-garment used by women for the purpose of shaping the waist and lifting the breasts. Throughout the years, the bra has been designed for many sizes, body types, outfits, and needs. But honestly, who likes wires digging in to their sides? As we get older, comfort is key. That is why the Coobie bra is that good!  

There are a few styles of the Coobie bra to fit your taste, size, and particular occasion. Finding the Coobie bra that suits you should not be a problem. Once you have figured out your bra size and bra fitting requirements, you will want to decide what role your Coobie bra will play.

The Classic Seamless Scoopneck Bra

This Seamless Scoopneck Coobie Bra is a classic style. It is ideal for the mature woman with its simple, seamless, and adjustable fit. This bra will surely become your new favorite intimate. The one size style offers support and comfortably fits bra sizes 32A to 36D. It also comes in white, black, and nude - so you can own one of each. There are no wires, hooks, or annoying clasps to deal with. This bra is the definition of ultimate comfort. It's the closest feeling to not wearing a bra at all!

Classic Bandeau Bra

This Classic Bandeau Coobie Bra is also simple and seamless - but without straps. Anthony's customers love this bra for those strapless or sheer neckline tops where they wouldn't want straps showing. Don't worry, you will still feel secure in this bra. 

Lace Seamless V-Neck Bra

This Coobie Lace Seamless V-Neck Bra is the same classic style with a beautiful, feminine lace trim. This bra is my personal favorite for everyday wear. You will not miss the digging wires or the uncomfortable hassle of hooks. Trust me - once you try a Coobie Bra on, you will never go back to whatever brand you were wearing before. 

So, in summary, Coobie bras make the most comfortable one size bras ever! The seamless bras are made from an ultra soft nylon and spandex blend and have no hooks or clasps. Also, the one-size comfortably fits bra sizes 32A to 36D. Coobie bras are perfect for everyday wear, work, relaxed weekend activities, yoga, or long walks on the beach and more this summer.

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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