Stylish Athleisure with Peter Popovitch - Anthony's Ladies Apparel

Stylish Athleisure with Peter Popovitch

Brand new Peter Popovitch athleisure has arrived at Anthony's! In bold prints and comfortable fabrics, Peter Popovitch will be your new go-to daily outfit.

If you are looking for the latest on-trend, comfortable, stylish athleisure, you are going to be so excited about Anthony's Ladies Apparel's latest brand, Peter Popovitch. When I first saw the choices of print leggings and complementary tunics, I thought "wow, our customers are going to adore this collection too"! This Peter Popovitch athleisure is perfect for traveling, running, errands, working out, and everyday wear. Take a look at the new styles below.

Stylish Athleisure with Peter Popovitch

Peter Popovitch designs are well-known for their fun, bright prints that are great for any modern woman's active lifestyle. Everything is designed with comfort in mind - but also fun, trendy style. Peter Popovitch athleisure clothing is perfect for a day out with the girls or just relaxing at home.

Peter Popovitch Leggings

With several styles to choose from, each pair of Peter Popovitch leggings is made in a soft, comfy modal with a smooth feel. Plus, these ankle leggings are at Anthony's Ladies apparel in four different designs: side-stripe, scribble, sunrise, and Greek key. The different patterns on each pair of leggings add dimension and interest to the classic legging silhouette. These leggings are the perfect holiday gifts for any female friends or family looking for athleisure!

Peter Popovitch Tunics

The Peter Popovitch tunics are the BEST complements to the Peter Popovitch leggings. The fashion-forward tunics are both stylish and sporty. You can choose from either a scoop neck, cold shoulder - or both!

With the tunics' classic style, comfort, and length, they pair perfectly with print leggings. Peter Popovitch knit tunics are so comfortable that you will absolutely need to own more than one. Plus, they have such a relaxed fit, that you can wear them lounging around at home - but they also have style and are made of quality material - which means you can wear them out and about.

Peter Popovitch is the Definition of Trendy Athleisure

Try some Peter Popovitch leggings on with one of the complementary tunics and you will probably have to buy each set that Anthony's Ladies Apparel has. I am telling you... I would wear these combinations daily!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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