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Val's View: Skincare Tips to Outsmart Your Age

In my early days of sun worship, I spent many blissful days on the beach in sunny South Florida, seeking that coveted Mediterranean glow. 

Val's Skincare Tips

In my early days of sun worship, I spent many blissful days on the beach in sunny South Florida, seeking that coveted Mediterranean glow. Although the wild abandon of baby oil and all-day boat trips are long behind me, they have had a lasting effect on my skin.


I still enjoy being outdoors, but nowadays, this Irish girl prefers to soak up the rays during the hours of sunrise and sunset to protect my complexion. A person's skin tells a story. It's wonderful to embrace that with confidence, but it is possible to use a little TLC to prevent brown spots and blotchy bits. They say the face is the road map to our lives, and while we shouldn't try to erase it, maybe we can smooth out the ride a little bit. 


Here are some of my favorite skincare tips:


Even though collagen starts to pack up and leave town in your thirties, there are many ways to turn back the clock while preventing future damage. Since we inadvertently get UV rays constantly, even while driving our cars, our first line of defense should always be sunblock- at least SPF 30. Daily application is important. Also, do not forget the often-missed eye area! Use a mineral-based product to avoid any stinging or burning near your eyes.


For extra protection from UV rays alongside a healthy dose of fashion, I love wearing sun-protective clothing from either IBKUL or San Soleil. Both brands offer outstanding apparel made from UPF50+ fabric, a rating shown by the Skin Cancer Foundation to block 98% of harmful UV rays. IBKUL and San Soleil sun shirts are available in a plethora of exciting solid colors and prints, and IBKUL even carries UPF50+ skorts and dresses so you (and your skin!) can look your best. 


Speaking of looking your best - moisturizing the face is super important, though we all get lazy on this one. All-in-one moisturizers are readily available and make it easy to be consistent with your skincare routine. Moisturizing can be a simple ritual. You can do it is right after you brush your teeth at night. 


In addition to moisturizers, serums have become popular. I love the vitamin C-based formulas that can help even the tone and texture of your skin. When I turned 55, I noticed an issue with dryness and uneven pigment, so I addressed it with a hyaluronic acid serum, which plumped and nourished my skin.


Exfoliation is a great way to polish and smooth the skin's surface by gently removing dead skin cells. There are so many options for exfoliators abound, from store-bought facial scrubs to stronger options like microdermabrasion. I recently got some microdermabrasion, and I loved that result. Plus, there was no downtime. I just had some redness and I needed to avoid sun exposure for a few days.


Masks can be a fabulous, soothing way to tighten pores and refresh dull facial tissue. I believe the Romans were on to something with their charcoal and mud facial packs! I just tried some cooling cucumber under eye patches- what a treat! There are also peel-off varieties infused with collagen and other anti-aging properties that are avowed to firm, lift, and lighten the skin.


Relaxation is key to looking and feeling your best. Getting enough sleep every night is part of any worthwhile skincare routine. After all, it's called beauty sleep for a reason! Other forms of R&R are also beneficial and enjoyable. We've all heard about the myriad benefits of meditation and even a good soak in the bathtub can be a lovely reset. An Epsom salt bath does miracles for inflammation and a bubble bath is always fun. Go ahead and treat yourself right by putting your feet up!


One of the most important factors for great skin is optimal nutrition. You can work from the inside out with superfoods that feed your body and give you a natural glow that beats any foundation. Limiting refined sugar and carbohydrates and replacing them with whole foods is a great start. 


Consider adding in produce with lots of colors, as it is packed with healthy and vital phytonutrients. My personal favorite superfood is passion fruit. It's a delightful way to get vitamin C and soft skin all in one. Another beneficial component of fresh fruits and veggies is fiber. Lots of fiber keeps your body light, your hair shiny, and your skin supple. Your eyes will be brighter and more clear because your inner health shows up on the outside. 


Here are a few smart swaps to get more nutrients into your diet: 

  • Instead of snacking on chips, try raspberries
  • Replace mayonnaise on sandwiches with avocado
  • Swap iceberg lettuce for arugula in salads
  • Use chickpeas or cauliflower rather than rice as an accompaniment to your meals
  • Try zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash in place of your pasta


To defy aging, take good care of the body's largest organ: that's right, the good old epidermis! We each have one body that carries us around for life, so let's keep it well-rested and delightfully pampered. 


You deserve it! 


My last and most important beauty tip is to find a little joy each day, even if it's a great big laugh. The well-being that comes from happiness makes you look and feel beautiful, and the smile lines are worth it!


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