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Rain Capers, the Stylish Way to Stay Dry

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With the Florida humidity and surprise rain showers that pop up, it's important to have a way to stay dry. You never know when the rain will come. Sometimes it can be raining on one side of a parking lot and be sunny on the other. That's Florida for you. Keeping that in mind, Anthony's Ladies Apparel introduces the Rain Caper. These are ideal for unpredictable rainy afternoons. They are easy to pack in your bag too, so you'll always be prepared. There is quite a variety of styles to choose from. So, you may need to choose a few to have on hand. You're guaranteed to look fabulous and stay dry no matter which style(s) you choose!

Stay Dry in Rain Capers

The Boat Party Hooded Rain Caper is quickly becoming a customer favorite. It not only has a catchy name, but it also has a catchy pattern. It's lightweight and packable with a lovely art print. You can easily slip it over your shoulders and go. This rain poncho features a pouch for packability and a hood for those unexpected downpours.

Another favorite is the Leopard Hooded Rain Caper. This rain poncho adds a bit of sass to a simplistic outfit and will keep you covered and dry. It's easy to wear and has great style. This is perfect for lunch with the ladies or running errands on cloudy, rainy days.

For a little plaid flair, the Plaid Hooded Rain Caper is a great choice. Unlike a clunky umbrella, this packs up easily and conveniently in its small pouch that will take up little to no space in your handbag. And we all know that any extra space is our handbags is extremely valuable!


Rain Caper Complements

On a rainy day, a cute rain caper will suffice. But if it's extra-rainy (like it usually is in Florida summer) a cute umbrella can complement your rain caper as well. However, a rain caper by itself will do wonders. 

Other accessories to keep you dry in the Florida rain are rain boots. You can find some stylish boots to complement your rain caper! After all, there are rain boots out there in assortments of patterns and colors.

Once you’ve settled on your rain caper(s) of choice, you can choose a simple outfit to go with it. A good outfit to consider is skinny jeans paired with a simple tee shirt. That way, your rain boots will easily fit over your jeans, and you can throw your rain caper on top.

On warmer days, you can wear some nice Bermuda shorts. Pair your shorts with a simple tee, and add then some color with a printed rain caper!

Consider keeping a packable nylon tote bag inside your handbag. This will come in handy if an afternoon downpour hits. You can quickly put your handbag in the nylon tote if necessary!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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