NYDJ Trends for the Season

Posted on 10 October 2017

NYDJ is a brand that is known for being designed by women for women. As women, we know that it is rarely easy to find the perfect fit for anything from denim to tops to bathing suits. That's why Anthony's Ladies Apparel is so supportive of this brand. NYDJ is truly great for the modern, mature woman.

NYDJ Trends for the Season

New Look in NYDJ Denim

NYDJ denim is known for a flattering, comfortable fit. Each and every pair of NYDJs is made to fit exactly the same from the hips through the thighs. The universal fit makes it simple to get the same flattering fit in every pair you choose. One of the new styles to love is the Karen Floral Capri Pant. The floral pattern is a great way to liven up your denim wardrobe. This unique, comfortable pant complements knit basics for a day or night on the town.

NYDJ Crop Pants

Another new look for the season in NYDJ is the Diamond Jewel Ariel Cropped Pant. This pant is an easy way to stay fashion-forward and comfortable this season. Also, don't forget how flattering you will feel... This crop pant is designed with the famous NYDJ lift-tuck technology that lifts, slims, and shapes.

Patterned NYDJ Top to Polish Your Look

It's a new season and that means we all need to update our wardrobes... even if it is just a few new pieces to mix and match. This Floral Mirage Sleeveless Blouse is ideal for Florida fall and the start of season. The pleat back style features a flowing, flattering feel and a rounded hemline - making it a great look for an easy, feminine style.

Back to Basics this Season

The NYDJ Sleeveless Pleat Back Blouse is great for this coming season. You can mix and match this top with many other NYDJ pieces. This NYDJ blouse has a similar fit and feel as the classic 3/4 blouse. It also features a covered placket, a flowing feel, and a rounded hemline for an updated style. This top goes great with NYDJ denim and the crop pants above as well.

Ladies, do not be afraid to mix and match. Even a few new items can create days of outfits. NYDJ has a beautiful collection for the modern woman - making women feel confident regardless of our shapes and sizes. Let's just say: customers are more than obsessed!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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