How to Choose Women's Lightweight Pants for Hot Weather
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Summertime…and the living is easy…Or is it?  

If you’re hot and sticky all the time, it’s hard to get comfortable and achieve that easy, breezy summertime feeling that most of us want to feel during the year’s hottest months when the kids and grandkids are out of school and vacation looms on the horizon.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, when the weather heats up, one of the best things to do is be smart about choosing lightweight clothing. When it comes to pants, a good light (summer weight) pair can make all the difference. If you’ve ever worn a stiff, scratchy, thick pair of pants in hot weather, we don’t have to tell you as much.  

While wool trousers or thick corduroy are great for winter months, when summer weather hits, you want to be in something far lighter. But it’s not just the material of pants that makes a difference from June to September. You also want to consider the length, cut, fit, and style. Let’s dive deeper now so you can find the perfect pants!

Why Choose Women's Lightweight Pants for Hot Weather?

Have you ever worn thick sweats or jeans on a day that turned out to be hotter than expected? If you have, then you already know from experience the effects that wearing pants that are too thick for the season and weather can have on your overall comfort.  

When you’re uncomfortable, that’s bound to alter your mood (not to mention make you sweat more).

While shorts, skirts, sundresses, and skorts are great options for hot weather, pants are often more suitable for dressier occasions. Additionally, lightweight pants provide more coverage while still providing ideal comfort and breathability – especially if you choose cotton or linen.  

Take Habitat’s Triple Button Hem Linen-Blend Crop Pant for instance. Made of breathable linen and cotton, this comfy but elegant pant can be dressed up or dressed down, plus it’s available in three different colors.  

What Kind of Lightweight Pants Should I Wear for My Body Shape?

Here are some helpful tips for choosing pants that flatter your body shape.

  • For I-Shaped Bodies: If you have an I-shaped body, you should think about choosing pants that will help you create a curvier silhouette at the hips. To achieve this, consider pants with pleats.
  • For V-Shaped Bodies: If you have a V-shaped body with broader shoulders than hips, try balancing your shoulders with wide leg pants.
  • For H-Shaped Bodies: If your body is H-shaped, that means your shoulders and hips are similarly proportioned, but your waist is not as defined. If this sounds like you, then pants with straight legs are ideal. What’s more, pants with some stretch that “cling” may be advisable depending on the shape of your hips and posterior.  
  • For A-Shaped Bodies: People with A-shaped bodies have hips and thighs that are broader than the shoulders. We recommend following your curves with a bootleg-cut pant. You may also find that darker colors suit you better.
  • For X-Shaped Bodies: Your shoulders and hips are balanced, and you have a defined waist. This is also what’s known as an “hourglass shape”. You can wear a variety of pant styles well, including straight leg, bootcut, and more. But you may wish to look for pants with wide waistbands or drawstring waistbands for the best blend of fit and comfort.
  • For O-Shaped Bodies: If your tummy is the widest part of your upper body, you may wish to try pairing straight, thin pants with longer and wider tops or tunics.  
  • For 8-Shaped Bodies: People with eight-shaped bodies have balanced hips and shoulders, but a higher waist than those with an X shaped body. Choosing pants with a wider waistband can still be beneficial for this body type.
  • For Petite-Shaped Bodies: If you’re petite, try to find a slimmer leg petite pant with the longest length possible without dragging.  

Features to Look for in Lightweight Summer Pants for Women

There are a ton of lightweight pants out there. So how do you know which to choose? We’ve narrowed down choosing shape already, but here are some other things to look out for:

  • Elastic waistbands for comfort and adjustability
  • UPF protection for hot and sunny summer days with high UV index
  • Ventilation and breathability
  • Flowiness (as opposed to tightness) to allow your legs to breathe
  • Pockets for practicality

Check out our Wild Palms Pull-On Cargo Crop Pant which offers breathable cotton fabric, large cargo pockets, and a cropped length for a balanced blend of coverage and coolness.

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