It's All About Colorful Palazzo Pants

It's All About Colorful Palazzo Pants

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Palazzo pants, those wide-legged pants with the flowing silhouette - look and feel festive even when worn at home. Even the name sounds luxurious. In fact, in Italian, palazzo - means palace.

Palazzo Pants - Via Ritina
Whether palazzo pants are named so because they could be worn in a palace or because the cut is so generous - palatial, if you will, is uncertain. What is certain is that these comfortable, elegant pants are perfect for lunches with friends, for evenings out or for entertaining at home... whether home is an Italian palace or a Florida condo.

This season you'll find a vibrant assortment of palazzo pants by Via Ritina, a brand exclusive to Anthony's. The collection features pants in colorful patterns, ideal for pairing with your favorite solid tops.

Via Ritina presents Ikat prints in periwinkle and aqua or orange sherbet and turquoise. Lattice prints are crisp and preppy while a blue and white medallion print is soft and cool. And just in case you'd like to get in touch with your wild side, check out the animal print in black and white, which pairs well with basic black - or turquoise blue, coral, hot pink or any jewel tone.

Via Ritina Ikat Palazzo Pants

Regardless of which print you choose, you'll be delighted by the silhouette since there are elements that make these palazzo pants universally flattering. To wit:

The wide leg - with a wide opening at the hem and stove-piped up the leg, the overall visual effect created is a long, graceful figure. 

The gathered waist: the gently elasticized waist lies flat and gives definition to the waistline. For anyone without a tiny waist, the bell shape of palazzo pants lend balance that creates the illusion of a small waist.

Via Ritina Animal Print Palazzo Pants
The fabric - easy, comfortable jersey and lightweight fabrics are fluid and forgiving for any woman, regardless of body type. Given the vivid prints, figure flaws are camouflaged by bright colors or striking designs giving the backside a smooth appearance, without Spanx!

How to wear palazzo pants? Let the shape of these colorful, versatile pants dictate the look by:

  • Tucking a tee into the waist of the palazzo pants, keeping the top to a visual minimum - of course a tank or knit top work, too. 
  • Tie a blouse at the waist, also keeping the bottom as the focal point of the outfit.
  • Keep sweaters or knits lean and cropped well above the hip to so that the top silhouette remains short over the longer pant. 

There are no hard fast rules since a palazzo pant can also be worn peeking out under a long duster or split-hem tunic. Imagine a long, solid color column of a tunic with a vividly printed palazzo pant peeking out from the bottom. In this case, the look is long layer over long layer it's a funky but glamorous look.

However the look is interpreted, palazzo pants can be a comfortable and graceful option for dressy occasions - or simply lounging and home in your own palace. 


By: Elisabeth Cook

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