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IBkul Sun Dresses are Chic and Protective

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Did you know that IBkul sun dresses have moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you cool during the Florida heat wave? We have some chic, new arrivals of IBkul sun dresses that are absolutely stunning, yet practical. These dresses have UPF50 sun protection built in. That means, you won't have to constantly lather on the greasy sunscreen or spray, because you will be confidently covered. Check out the latest chic and sun protective IBkul sun dresses!

Protect Your Skin this Summer in IBkul Resort Wear


The vibrant Caribbean Tiles UPF50+ V-Neck Dress is pretty in pink with a lovely tile print. You can throw this dress on for lunch with the ladies or your next resort getaway.

IBkul's Ribbon Candy UPF50+ V-Neck Dress is another new favorite. You will stand out in the bold pattern of blues. You'll also stay cool throughout the summer with the cooling fabric. Throw this dress on with a pair of nude sandals or flats and you'll be ready to go!

The Duo Dots UPF50+ V-Neck Dress by IBkul is fun with its elevated dot print. This dress would be cute for any day in the Florida sun.

IBkul's Floral Links UPF50+ Zip Long Sleeve Dress is my favorite of the latest IBkul sun dress collection. With its floral pattern and pink accents, it is bright and summer-chic.

The Caribbean Tiles UPF50+ Zip Long Sleeve Dress is another customer favorite at Anthony's Ladies Apparel. It has a unique watercolor tile print, and will be a bright addition to your resort wardrobe.

These new lovely IBkul sun dresses will bring fresh feels to your summer wardrobe and your resort lifestyle. With the flattering silhouettes, comfortable fits, and UPF50 material, You are set for sunny days at the beach, lunch with the ladies, traveling, and all sorts of fun in the sun.

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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