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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

Anti-aging is usually on the minds of any woman from around age 30 and beyond. And we hear so many ads and commercials telling us how to keep our skin youthful and radiant. But what are some basic ways to keep our skin healthy and hydrated? Well, I looked up some medical articles, and there are some simple daily habits we can do to keep our skin hydrated.


Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

#1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water will help to flush your body and skin of harmful toxins. By increasing your water intake, you can help your skin stay healthy and receptive to your moisturizer. Nutritionists advise women to drink about 11 cups of water per day.

#2. Use a Moisturizer

When choosing the moisturizer for you, dermatologists say to try to aim for moisturizers made with natural ingredients. That is the important thing to look for - a well-formulated product using the best ingredients. This process will probably take trying a couple moisturizers until you find the right one. Below are some recommended ingredients to look for when choosing a moisturizer for your skin:

• antioxidants
• plant butters and oils
• salicylic acid
• hyaluronic acid
• ceramides
• glycerin
• urea

Another tip to remember is that it is important to put your moisturizer on correctly to get the most out of it.

• Put your moisturizer on when your skin is still a tad damp after washing your face.
• If your skin is sensitive, look for a moisturizer that will calm and soothe your skin.
• Choose a moisturizer by a reputable brand.
• Mix an oil in your moisturizer on occasion - if your skin is very dry.

#3. Eat Avocado

Did you know that lipids are great for moisturizing your skin? Eating avocado will keep your skin supple without raising bad cholesterol. Avocado also hydrates and softens you skin. You can even use avocados to make a great face mask.

#4. Don't Forget to Use Face Masks

Face masks have increased hydrating benefits. Just remember that they are most effective when your pores are open. You can even double-mask if your skin is extra dry. This means: wash your first face mask off and then apply a second mask. 

These tips will help you keep your skin healthy and hydrated. This will be especially helpful the next couple months with all the weather changes.

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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