Great New Zac and Rachel Pants in Time for Summer

Posted on 27 July 2021

If you've been itching to get outside this summer, you're not alone. After a year spent mostly indoors, it's true that people are clamoring to get back outside and back in the company of family, friends and acquaintances. But it's not like you can go to that first summer party of the year wearing the styles of 2020. 

It's time to upgrade that wardrobe and put your best foot forward when you emerge this summer. And the best way to do that is with some great Zac and Rachel pants that are fun and oh so comfortable, yet also sophisticated and classy enough to hold their own as a signature look paired with a plain tee and sandals or pumps. 

The good news is that you don't have to spend a small fortune to look great with a pair of Zac and Rachel pants, and when you combine them with the perfect top and the right shoes, you've got a classic look that will impress even the fashionistas in your inner circle. 

From unassuming solids to bold and bright prints, Zac and Rachel pants are easy to throw on and dial up just about any look. With beautiful details and vibrant patterns, Zac and Rachel pants are perfect for when the sun's out or for a warm evening sunset -- and they also look great after hours for a night on the town.

Zac and Rachel pants also come in various lengths so that you can get that just right pairing with your favorite heels or sandals -- with crops, ankle-length and full-length pants all available. Here at Anthony's, we also have some of the best prices for Zac and Rachel clothes available with promo deals that you have to see to believe. 

Here are some of our favorite Zac and Rachel pants for this upcoming summer season:

Zac and Rachel Jolly Anchors Pull-On Ankle Pant  


 Zac and Rachel Jolly Anchors Pull-On Ankle Pant

With a crisp white base and multicolored anchors throughout, this nautically inspired pull-on pant is one of our top picks for the summer of '21. Playful and fun, yet outfitted with a mesh tummy control panel to keep you looking and feeling great throughout the day, these Zac And Rachel pants are super-comfortable with 3% spandex to conform to your curves and make you feel like you're wearing your favorite pair of sweats during a night in. They're also flared slightly at the ankle with an inconspicuous cut that keeps them out of the way of the straps and buckles on your shoes.

The three-inch elastic waistband keeps everything sleek and comfortable, and the tummy mesh is made of even more stretchy spandex to dial up the comfort. The Zac And Rachel Jolly Anchors Pull-On Ankle Pant has an inseam of 28 1/4 inches with a front rise of 9 1/2 inches and a rear rise of 14 3/4 inches and is machine washable so that you can avoid those trips to the dry cleaners.


Zac and Rachel Pull-On Millennium Ankle Pant 


Zac and Rachel Pull-On Millennium Ankle Pant


Available in classic chino, as well as black, chocolate, navy and white, the Zac and Rachel Pull-On Millennium Ankle Pant is a new take on a wardrobe staple. Relaxed and with a comfortable fit, these Zac and Rachel pants are not only some of the most comfortable pants we sell, they're a customer favorite! With a flattering taper that gives a tailored look without having to spend a day at the tailor, these are pants that you can wear up or down with the right top or shoes.

On the sides, faux slit pockets and a front zipper complete the look, yet the pull-on waistband dials up the comfort, making these pants great for travel or lounging at home -- yet they're chic enough to work at dinner. Instead of grabbing those denim jeans day after day, why not upgrade your relaxed look with a pair of great pull-ons from Zac and Rachel. With a 3% stretch and a generous, 2 1/2 inch waistband, you'll be sitting in comfort while others think that you're dressing up for them. But we won't tell if you won't!


Zac and Rachel Seaside Stripe Pull-On Ankle Pant 



Zac and Rachel Seaside Stripe Pull-On Ankle Pant


If you're looking to really make an impact this summer, check out this vibrant and stunning pant from Zac and Rachel. Made up of soothing blues -- perfect for that beachfront party -- the Zac and Rachel Seaside Stripe Pull-On Ankle Pant is a slimming yet fun way to bring some more color into your wardrobe. Instead of the same drab and muted hues that make each outfit feel the same, this Zac and Rachel pant is all that's needed to make those white tops and sleek shoes look their best. 

And because the Zac and Rachel Seaside Stripe Ankle Pant is pull-on, you'll have all the comfort of your loungewear without the sour look. With a 1 1/2 inch waistband and a flat front and back, this stunning pant has a tapered look to flatter the figure, and it's also machine washable so you won't even have to make the trip to the dry cleaners. The inseam is a standard 29 1/2 inches with a front rise of 9 inches and a rear rise of 14 1/2 inches.

Zac and Rachel Floral Tie Dye Pull-On Ankle Pant 


Zac and Rachel Floral Tie Dye Pull-On Ankle Pant

Our last pick for the 2021 summer season is the Zac and Rachel Floral Tie Dye Pull-On Ankle Pant. With a vibrant blue floral print on white, it's a perfect pairing with nude heels and a white blouse, or you can dress it down with some sandals and a classic white tee. The 3% spandex makes it move with you throughout the day, while the 2 1/2 inch waistband and tummy control lining keeps everything tucked into place and under control. 

A 2 inch side split at the hemline completes the look, and it also keeps the pant out the way of straps and buckles on your shoes. With an inseam of 28 inches, these Zac and Rachel pants sit high on the ankle, giving you even more reasons to show off that shoe collection. And the best part is that unlike similar pants, this one is machine washable, which means no visits to the dry cleaners.

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