Go Green On St. Patrick's Day

Go Green On St. Patrick's Day

Have you ever wondered why green is the color of choice for St. Patrick’s Day revelries? We dive into some of the history behind this Irish holiday and share some of our favorite green garments so you can celebrate in style!

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Though St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated as a religious holiday for over a thousand years in Ireland, the world’s first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in 1601 in a Spanish colony that is now St. Augustine, Florida! Originally a Christian feast day, it was observed by attending church services and enjoying foods and alcoholic beverages that were otherwise restricted during the Lenten season. 

Saint Patrick, who converted many thousands of pagan Irish people to Christianity during the the fifth century BCE, was first associated with the color blue, as were many symbols related to Ireland in general. Many political struggles and flags later, the color green has now come to symbolize all things Irish, including Ireland’s patron saint, Patrick, and the resilience of the Irish people. 

Green gets much fanfare throughout the world on March 17th, from dyed rivers and beer to emerald-colored clothing in every style imaginable. This hue sure gets its due! Here at Anthony’s, we can’t resist reveling in the many pieces of green clothing we have on offer and are excited to share some of our favorite items in this verdant color. 

Mod O-Ring Dress by MSK

A-line dresses are an easy, feminine way to look instantly polished for any occasion, and the electric lime Mod O-Ring Zip Sleeveless Dress by MSK is a perfect example. With stylish contrast piping and an O-ring zipper, this sleeveless statement piece will have you feeling as lucky as a four-leaf clover. 

Orientique Short Sleeve Organic Tee

Maybe all you’re looking for is a subtle nod to the holiday by wearing a comfy green tee? If so, Orientique has got you covered with their Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Tee. With its spring green hue and environmentally-conscious fabric, you’ll be doubly green come March 17th! 

Jess and Jane Mineral Wash Top in Green


For a bit of fancy flair, why not try the Jess and Jane Bora Bora Mineral Wash Ruffle Knit Top? Featuring cactus green mineral-washed fabric, an adorable floral print, and tiered ruffled hemline, this lightweight ¾ sleeve knit top is just perfect for a St. Paddy’s Day picnic in the park. 

IBKUL Sun Shirt

If you want superb sun protection while still looking festive, you can’t beat IBKUL’s Solid UPF50+ Sun Shirt in the color lime. With a chic mock neckline and cooling Ice Fil fabric, this top has style and substance! Wear this sun shirt alongside a white skort for a parade-ready outfit that will help you beat the heat in the best way possible. 

Look Mode Tiered Angel Dress

Look luxurious in forest green silk this St. Patrick’s Day with Look Mode’s Tiered Angel Dress. This unique fluttery dress is incredibly fashionable and pairs wonderfully with a neutral-colored strappy heel for a divine dinner date ensemble. Just don’t forget the Guinness!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sampling of our favorite green clothing must-haves. How do you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year and what do you plan to wear? Let us know in the comments below!

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Valentina Hubsch

Lucky I’m Irish and I love all the Green . Interesting that it was blue at first that symbolized the Irish 👒👗💚💙🧼🧤🍀

Lucky I’m Irish and I love all the Green . Interesting that it was blue at first that symbolized the Irish 👒👗💚💙🧼🧤🍀

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