Val's View: Fashion Tips for Mature Women - Anthony's Ladies Apparel

Val's View: Fashion Tips for Mature Women

It's important to look good and feel great no matter your age, so read on for some of my top style tips for women over 50!

Au Courant Style

What feels stylish to you? When I ponder that question, it brings to mind the famous NYC photographer, Bill Cunningham, who captured real women in the best-looking chic streetwear. Even if you don't live in the capital of cool, it's always nice to feel and look your best. I realize it sounds strange, but not so long ago, people dressed up for air travel! Comfort is the new essential, and I feel very lucky that we have such an array of style choices nowadays, from athleisure to high fashion and everything in between. Discovering great pieces for travel or everyday wear need not be a treasure hunt.

Color Me Impressed

The first order of business is to clean up that closet. Think quality, not quantity. Donate what you don't use. It's easier to get creative without clutter. When I wake up in the morning, I say to myself, "how do I want to feel today?" What I wear is a pronouncement that I am trying to present the best version of myself. I may start with a pair of black or white pull-on pants as a comfy base, and then I delve into my mood with color: pink represents self-assurance, blue is a calming color, green is hopeful, yellow is joy, orange is energy, red is passion. The rainbow awaits you to be playful and creative by mixing lavender and yellow or red and pink.

Anthony's Resort Wear Mesh Woven Shrug

Versatility is Key

I have many facets of my personality, and the same goes for my style. I love nautical looks, anything equestrian, and even boho chic. You can have range in your wardrobe, so don't be afraid to try on new styles. Put together a look, then edit, take off a piece, or add on. Layering is key in Miami, and I peel off or throw on as my day progresses. I spend a lot of time in the car, so I keep it pleasantly chilly only to walk outside into the steam bath that is our summer here. The Anthony's Resort Wear Mesh Woven Shrug is a great piece I keep on hand so that when I pop into the grocery store, I'm covered. As much as I love South Florida, traveling can be a great style reset and a lesson in versatility. On my recent trip to New Mexico, I got inspired to wear the long skirts and turquoise accents the southwestern women wear beautifully. The Georgia O'Keeffe museum even had me wanting to wear bright flowers!

Up to Date

Remember, you don't have to be just a trend follower; you can make them your own. If you love a trend that fits your taste, give it a try! After all, a youthful outlook is something you never have to give up. I think we should all strive to find the balance between being fierce and comfortable in our skin. The relevance of clothing is personal. We still need to get dressed, and just as our surroundings evoke feelings, so should our outfits. Nobody is dictating your ideas, so why not try on a new look? I love having the freedom to experiment with fashion, and that's something I never take for granted.

Dump the Frump

My love affair with fashion will continue, yet I have modified my look after 55. I still love high heels. They make me feel powerful, but there is a time and a place for them- I don't wear heels if I walk far or if the occasion isn't dressy. I embrace my feminine side but want affordability and comfort. You won't catch me standing in line to spend my mortgage payment at Gucci! Instead, I will check out my favorite consignment store to seek a unique find. I invest in great accessories that take my outfits up a notch. It's also so important to be kind to my reflection. We are our own worst critics. I question those voices that say, "I can't pull that off." A sense of humor about aging goes a long way because we're all in the same boat.

MSK Basic Jersey Dress

What to Wear Where

I was on a mini visit to the Keys and stopped into the Anthony's store in Marathon to grab a hat when I couldn't resist purchasing the breezy Basic Jersey Dress by MSK. It just floats on the body, and it was perfect at Isla Bella Beach Resort, where it also doubled as a cover-up. I guess I try to find moments of glamour wherever I go. It's easy to phone it in as we get on in years, but there's lots more to do and see, in life and style. So think about how nice you feel when you dress up for a special occasion and try to infuse that feeling into your everyday life. Most of all, whatever you wear, wear it well!

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