Easter Dresses for Women

Easter Dresses for Women

Looking for something to wear this Easter? Here are some great Easter dresses for women over 50.
Easter Dresses for Women (Plus Style Tips)

Easter is one of the most exciting springtime holidays of the year. Often, it’s a chance to spend time outside with family and friends. It affords the opportunity to do things like watch the grandchildren celebrate their Easter baskets and explore the outdoors on an Easter egg hunt. Without a doubt, it’s also a great time to get dressed up to look and feel your best!

If you consider Easter one of the first salutes to springtime, make sure you dress the part! There are so many Easter dresses for women over 50 available in different colors, styles, shapes, and designs meant to fit any body type — you don’t have to wear yellow or purple — though you certainly can!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the details you should look for in an Easter dress, plus some of our top picks for 2024 and how to accessorize them.

A laughing blonde woman in sunglasses and a floral dress sits on the wooden railing of a beachside boardwalk.

Details of the Perfect Easter Dress

Shopping for an Easter dress as a mature woman doesn’t have to be impossible. Aside from your personal style preference in terms of colors and patterns, keep the following details in mind to ensure your comfort on Easter morning through the evening:

Fabric: Breathable fabrics are best for women’s Easter dresses, offering comfort as the days get warmer. This is especially true if you’ll be in the south for the springtime holiday. Opt for dresses made of cotton, linen, rayon, and bamboo.  

Length: Are you looking for ashort or long easter dress? Your preferred length will play a role in finding the right look for you. Maxi easter dresses for women are available, as are short midi dresses.

Fit: Finding a dress that hugs your curves in all of the right ways while simultaneously offering comfort is a must. Do you want your dress to have a defined waistline, or do you prefer one that flows from the bust? These are questions to keep in mind during your search.

Other details to think about include whether you want a full-length sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless dress. Lace, embroidery, and sequins are other details to consider if you want to make an impression on Easter Sunday.

Shop these 2024 Easter Dresses

Not quite sure what to wear to the Easter get-together? Anthony’s has a variety of trending styles to choose from for 2024. Consider some of our favorites:  

1. Tasseled Neck Tiered Flax Dress

2. Paisley Ruffled V-Neck Pleated Dress

3. Rosey Abstract Faces Double Layer Tank Dress

4. White Knotted Yarn Asymmetrical Sleeveless Dress

5. Watercolor Pansy Princess Seam Crinkle Dress

Shop Anthony's for Your Easter Look

Whether you’re celebrating Easter at a tropical resort or you’re looking for a cute seasonal look for springtime, Anthony’s has a wide collection of dresses to choose from. From casual neutral options to stand-out dresses with splashes of color, we can help you find the perfect Easter dress that matches your personality and style preferences.

Shop Anthony's dresses today!

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