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Are Skorts Still in Fashion in 2022?

Skorts can be upscale or casual, feminine or sporty. Here are four ways to wear your skorts to show off your style and be in line with 2022 fall skort trends. Learn what’s coming!

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Skorts are back, in a big way. Whether you’re looking for something upscale or athletic, sleek and classy, or casual and flirty, skorts are back on the scene in 2022. The pleated skirts that were all the rage in the early part of the year have morphed into skorts, and we couldn’t be happier to see this retro trend returning to the mainstream. 


What is the Point of a Skort?

A Skort is a portmanteau of the words “skirt” and “short”, and it’s basically a combination: you’re wearing shorts that fit and conform like shorts, but they’re overlapped with a shorter, looser skirt. Skorts have traditionally been worn primarily in sports (and as sporty casual wear) but now they’ve significantly upscaled, while not forgetting their roots. 

But there are a lot of benefits to the skort. For starters, it’s easier to sit in a skort, especially a short skort (though it benefits a long skort just as well). If it’s windy, you don’t need to worry about a gust of wind disrupting your whole look (and ruining your whole day). 

Skorts are infinitely easier for getting in and out of the car in, compared to skirts, which makes you so much more comfortable and at ease. A skort is SO easy to wear to either a formal or a casual event. 


What Tops to Wear with Skorts?

What are some skort outfit ideas? Here are the skort trends that we see coming for fall of 2022. 

The Athletic Skort

Embracing the foundations of the skort is all about athletics, but you don’t need to relegate your skorts to the tennis court. When wondering how to wear an athletic skort, think about what pairs well with athletic clothes–in a casual setting. 

We think that a rugby pullover with a skort bottom would be an adorable look, or you could go in the opposite direction and cling to the tennis aesthetic with a preppy white shirt and a sweater tied around your shoulders. Even a tank top could look great with an athletic skort. 

The Pleated Basics

As modern skirts and skorts have grown out of the earlier trend toward pleated tennis skirts, pleated skorts are making a big splash. You can push too far into the pleated look and become an advertisement for prep school, but you could also play on the elegance of the style. Try to avoid something that is over-the-top chic and go for a plain black t-shirt, with some simple jewelry like stud earrings. You’ll look amazing. 

It’s All About the Prints

Don’t fret too much about your shirt or top–go with something plain like a white or black tee, a sweatshirt or sweater. Instead, spread the fun of prints with the skort itself. 

There are so many fun prints in Anthony’s Ladies Apparel's line of skorts, be they the black-and-white Elsie Op Art Swing Skort, the colorful Black Splatter Pull-On Skort, and so many others. It doesn’t have to be floral prints–though it can be–but a print can make your whole outfit pop with flavor and flair. 

Denim Skorts Never Go Out of Style 

Denim itself is timeless, and denim skorts are equally as iconic and set apart from the winds of fashion trends. The Tie-Front Wrap Denim Skort has a classic look that links you to the past, but the sleek and modern design also links you to the future. 

Just as these are timeless, you can wear them with either an old graphic tee, or with a modern off-the-shoulder fresh white sweater. Add some ankle boots if you want to play up the country, or some pure white sneakers for something a bit sportier.


Other Skort Trends

Footwear for Skorts

Footwear with skorts can be any number of things. We’ve talked about white sneakers or ankle boots, but skorts are practically made for sandals, and that includes things like strappy sandals and gladiator sandals, but also pumps and platforms. 

Jewelry for Skorts

Jewelry with skorts is as versatile as skorts themselves. One trend, when going upscale with your skort, is layering necklaces–not too much, but more than one necklace is a great look to go with the classy skort. You don’t need to go with gold and jewels, but seashell necklaces are big as are crystals. 



Wearing a skort doesn’t need to look like a school uniform. You can look stunning in a skort whether classy or casual, and paired with the right top, footwear, and jewelry, you’ll be gorgeous!

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