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A Love Affair with Stripes

As a staple in most resort wardrobes, stripes on clothing are widely worn and loved today. However, they have a checkered past throughout Western history (forgive the puns!).

 Faded Stripes Tie-Front Blouse BY: ZAC AND RACHEL

As a staple in most resort wardrobes, stripes on clothing are widely worn and loved today. However, they have a checkered past throughout Western history (forgive the puns!).

Did you know that for hundreds of years in Europe, stripes were only worn by the more unsavory members of society to denote them as outcasts? 

Thankfully, Queen Victoria turned that tide in the mid 19th century when she styled her son in a sailor suit to wear while aboard the Royal Yacht. Naval officers had already taken to wearing stripes to easily locate men who fell overboard, and after the prince was spotted in a sailor uniform, aristocrats copied the look.

As a matter of fact, the striped sailor uniform has had an indelible influence on modern womenswear beginning with Coco Chanel who set the tone for the fashion revolution of the 1920s. The inspiration for her minimalistic 1917 collection was supposedly sparked while vacationing on the French Riviera, where she saw sailors donning their signature stripes. The striped, loose-fitting garments that she created following her trip were groundbreaking and differed from the restrictive corsets that women were accustomed to wearing. 

This marked a new age of freedom for ladies’ apparel and it is in that spirit that we present these chic and timeless striped clothes to you. 

Stripe Open Sleeve Knit Top by Coconut Row

Stripe Open Sleeve Knit Top

This scoop-neck Coconut Row knit top features delicate horizontal pinstripes and grommet embellishment on the sleeves. In addition to the grommets, the sleeves also have an open slit detail, that adds some intrigue and contemporary flair to the top.  Best of all, this top is available in multiple colors, such as Dahlia, a gorgeous fuchsia shade, and True Blue, a rich royal blue, so you’ll be able to find a hue that suits you perfectly.

Stripe Textured Casual Dress by Ronni Nicole

Stripe Textured Casual Dress

Ronni Nicole excels at dress-making, and this casual A-line frock is a prime example of their expertise. Blue and white horizontal stripes alternate, creating an effortless maritime calm that matches the comfy fit of this dress. The texture of the ribbed fabric is soft and stretchy, making this pullover dress a great choice for lounging around in or wearing out to wherever the day takes you.

Pinstripe Button-Back Pull-On Capri Pant by Counterparts

Pinstripe Pull-On Capri Pant

Counterparts is well-known for their flattering and well-tailored bottoms, and these pull-on capris don’t disappoint. They are a practical choice for your wardrobe, offering comfort and style at a great price. Featuring nautical pinstripes and a triple button embellishment near the back hemline, these capris are perfect for land lovers and seafarers alike!

Faded Stripes Tie-Front Blouse by Zac and Rachel

Faded Stripes Tie-Front Blouse BY: ZAC AND RACHEL

Zac and Rachel, though renowned for their pants and other bottoms, also craft tops that are just as chic and affordable. This button-front blouse is light and airy, though the roll-tab ¾ sleeves offer some extra warmth when rolled down to full-length. The gorgeous vertical ombre stripes are reminiscent of a tranquil day at the beach, ranging in color from deep navy to sky blue and finally to white. This top pairs wonderfully with blue jeans and slip-on loafers.

Starfish Stripe Asymmetrical Knit Top by Anthony’s Resort Wear

Starfish Stripe Asymmetrical Knit Top BY: ANTHONY'S RESORT WEAR

This 100% cotton knit top from Anthony’s Resort Wear features two sequined starfish against a striped background, all in shades of cobalt blue and white. This aquatically-inspired top is pre-shrunk and breathable for a great look that is also easy to wear and easy to care for. The asymmetrical hemline imparts an edgy silhouette to the top, which would look stunning matched with a white pant.

Seaside Stripe Pull-On Ankle Pant by Zac and Rachel

Seaside Stripe Pull-On Ankle Pant BY: ZAC AND RACHEL

Awash in a watery palette of blues, these pull-on ankle pants are cut from Zac and Rachel’s signature stretchy fabric that offers a heavenly fit and all-day wearability. Worn with either a white or black top, the colorful and flattering vertical stripes will stand out as fresh and original. If you love Zac and Rachel’s solid color ankle pants, you’ll adore these!

Striped Maxi Dress by Cable and Gauge

Striped Maxi Dress BY: CABLE AND GAUGE

This Cable and Gauge dress is both casual and elegant, all the while keeping you wrapped in comfort. It comes in two color combinations, either heather grey and white or navy and white, both of which are excellent backdrops to bright and bold accessories. The double side slits of the skirt pump up the drama, and the lightweight fabric’s stretch will accentuate your curves.

Stripes and Sails Chain Print Knit Top by Hearts of Palm

Stripes And Sails Chain Print Knit Top BY: HEARTS OF PALM

A classic striped shirt reimagined, this Hearts of Palm knit top is a unique take on a wardrobe staple. Its stripes are fashioned from gold and blue chains which are accented by gold stud embellishments at the neckline and ruching on the left side with an adjustable tie. This top makes a great match with either white or denim pants for a cute brunch outfit.

Turquoise Sailor Stripes Face Covering by Tribal

Turquoise Sailor Stripes Face Covering

 If you are looking for an easy way to accessorize with some stripes, try a Tribal face mask! The turquoise and white striped face covering has a sporty sailor vibe and can coordinate wonderfully with most outfits. It is made in Canada and also has a pouch to insert a filter if you choose to add an extra layer of protection. 

What is your favorite way to wear stripes? Let us know in the comments below!

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