Find your Florida style: Are you a Grace or a Frankie?

Posted on 15 September 2015

You can learn a lot about women's fashion and personal style by watching TV.

Lately, I've been binge-watching the Netflix show "Grace and Frankie," starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Jane plays Grace, a controlled, uptight, newly retired business exec, and Lily plays Frankie, a free-spirited, bohemian art teacher.

We can tell the ladies' personalities by one glance at their clothes: Grace wears structured, tailored classic pieces in black, white and taupe. And Frankie wears flowing, loose hippie styles in bright colors.

What's your personal Florida style?

When I had my corporate career, I was a Grace. The only colors I wore besides black, beige and white were soft aqua or orchid.

Now that I'm retired and living the resort life in Florida, I'm a Frankie.

My lifestyle flows now, and so do my clothes.

No more slim black pencil skirts for me!

I wear flowing printed tops by Sioni or Zac and Rachel or easy dresses in bright, tie-dye prints from Lola P. that I get at Anthony's, the women's fashion experts. Anthony's has been dressing women in Florida resort style since 1895.

I retain a bit of Grace, though...which is why I like tailored slim pants, and I love the Kristin Crenshaw stretch ankle pants at Anthony's. When I was working, I would have paired these with a cotton tunic by Foxcroft or a classic striped camp shirt by French Dressing. Now that I'm retired, I pair them with printed tops -- even the ultra-cool Icikuls tops that wick away moisture and keep me easy and breezy.

Whether you're a Grace or a Frankie, you can create your own personal Florida style at Anthony's.

Love to be a beach bohemian?

Val's Florida travel tip of the week: Summer is the best time to get discounts on great beach motels in Florida.Sanibel Island is famous for its shell-filled beaches. Did you know the Island Inn on Sanibel has been a tradition since 1895? So has Anthony's women's fashion stores!

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