3 ways to wow the crowd at your high-school reunion

Summer is reunion time. If you’re blessed with dear lifelong friends, as I am, you never miss a chance to see them. (I’m still laughing when I think about our 45th high school reunion. Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader – I was wearing pants with lots of shame-sparing Spandex, and I can still do a darn good kick!)

Get down with the get down

Here are my three tips for looking fabulous when you see your old gang:

Wear color. I like a Little Black Dress as much as the next woman, but when I want to stand out in a crowd, I wear color. Vibrant color matches my Florida lifestyle…and it matches the real me.

image description

At my age, I please one person when I dress myself: ME!

At my last reunion, I paired my white slim Kristin Crenshaw pants with my “Tropical Garden Jewel tunic” by Onque Casuals. This top – from Anthony’s, the women’s fashion expert, of course – has a sheer layer at the hem, plus a colorful print in lime, yellow and coral. It also has tiny rhinestone details – they offer sparkle without overwhelming me

I threw my Onque Casuals cardigan over my shoulders. It’s a vibrant medium-green that picks up the glint of green in my eyes. This green also happens to be one of my school colors. (And, yes, the old football captain still notices me – but my hubby Marv knows my heart belongs to him.)

Wear comfort. As I always say, the secret to Florida style is comfort. It’s so easy to be both chic and comfortable when you shop at Anthony’s, the women’s fashion leaders in Florida for 120 years! Comfort is as ageless as friendship – it never gets old.

My slim pants from Anthony’s – made in stretch Bengaline fabric – are both comfortable and stylish. I have several fave brands, including Kristin Crenshaw and Coconut Row, and my friends can’t believe how these pants can look cozy and tailored at the same time.

Wear a SMILE! Aren’t we lucky to have forever friends in our lives? My high-school friends are among the treasures of my life – they are more valuable than gold. I’m grateful that we have had a long journey together, and when I look at my lifelong girlfriends, they look as beautiful and young as they were when we were in our teens.

A happy smile goes with everything! (And besides…a big smile holds up my face! Animation is the sign of eternal youth.)

Love your old friends?

Val’s happiness tip of the week: Toast your journey!

I love the Signature Martini at Table 26 in West Palm Beach, and the Bramble cocktail at State Street Eating House in Sarasota. But it doesn’t matter what I’m drinking when I’m around my old friends. In their eyes, I see the whole journey of our lives…I see them young, and I see them as they are now. I know their history, and they know mine. This is a glorious gift…and worth a toast!

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