Val’s View: What are Florida’s three greatest fashion ideas?

Posted on 16 February 2015

NO. 3: Navy and White

Did you think I was going to say pink and green? I love those colors, too, of course, but the original Florida resort colors -- navy blue and white – remain the greatest. And we have the Anthony brothers to thank.

The Anthony brothers brought their fashion store to Palm Beach in 1895, soon after Henry Flagler turned Palm Beach into the greatest winter resort in the world. The most stylish people in the world came to Palm Beach to frolic on the beach, have tea in the coconut grove and be pedaled down the Jungle Trail in special white wicker bicycle chairs.

The clever Anthonys created “the Palm Beach look” – white pants and navy blazers for men and straw boater hats. Women wore white cotton dresses and white shoes – a footwear idea the Anthonys created. And, throughout the decades, Anthony’s has continued embracing this timeless style, giving it subtle updates so that it always remains fashionable.

To this day, the nautical look of navy blue and white is considered the most crisp and fresh resort look.

You can create your own Palm Beach style at Anthony’s by trying a stripe blue-and-white T-shirt by Toni Morgan or Coconut Row Palm Beach. Or a T-shirt with navy, white and turquoise stripes from the Ruby Rd. Spring Collection.

How I Wear It

When I feel like staying with my classic nautical look, I create a modern navy-and-white ensemble, starting with the bottoms – perhaps navy Bermuda shorts by Breezes with tiny white anchors embroidered on them. (This attractive style comes in shorts and capris at Anthony’s.)

I also really love to brighten up my typical navy-and-white look by adding an unexpected accent color, such as turquoise, yellow or coral.

To create a more modern look, I give the navy bottoms a pop with a yellow tank and a white no-iron button-down tunic from Foxcroft. Or try the striped blue and white top by Coconut Row. My favorite striped top from Coconut Row has ruching on the sides. I wear that top over a long white tank and tighten the strings on the sides so some of the tank shows under the striped top. You can also add a colorful tank top under this navy-and-white striped top.

Stripes are a go-to for navy-and-white, of course, but Anthony’s has so many great choices to help you go from basics to beyond. Look for navy-and-white Ikat Sioni blouse.

Navy-and-white is traditional but far from boring. Think of it as one color canvas for great Florida women’s fashion. Great Florida fashion ideas start at Anthony’s!


Val’s tip of the week: Don’t have a yacht? You can still have “yacht club style”

Anthony’s navy-and-white Palm Beach look, created soon after the Anthony’s store came to Palm Beach in 1895, is always appropriate. It’s particularly nice if you’re dining at a spot with a marina, like South Seas Plantation on Florida’s west coast, or Sailfish Marina in Palm Beach Shores in Palm Beach County. Wherever you find a quality marina, you’ll probably also find an Anthony’s store nearby!

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  • Barbara : March 06, 2015

    Would love to see an online store…Anthony’s is my favorite store. I have withdrawals when I head home up North after being here in Naples for 7 months.

  • Tina Telford: March 01, 2015

    I have been looking for a yellow and white striped t-shirt, preferably with 3/4 length sleeves. Do you have any like that?

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