White-Hot Summer Tops

White-Hot Summer Tops

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Florida summers are a lovely break from snow birds and season, but also the hottest time of year for us residents or tourists. I know that when summer hits, I like to liven my wardrobe with stylish, lightweight tops and blouses to keep me cool all summer long. Thankfully, if you take a look at Anthony's website or store, you can find a variety of stylish, lightweight, white-hot summer tops to wear around on these humid summer days.

These Tops are White-Hot!

A lightweight blouse goes a long way. You can really pair it with ANYTHING! (cute Bermuda shorts, linen pants, etc.) One of my favorites is the RXB Embroidered Patchwork Sleeveless Blouse. I love it because of the beautiful threadwork and unique pattern. This knit top is relaxed and clean-lined with a split neck and a sheer crepe overlay. This top is an effortless style that is easy to dress up or down for all occasions. Anthony's customers are loving it for fun in the summer sun - and it doesn't hurt that it has a flattering, comfortable fit!

Another one of my favorites is this white-hot top that just screams "please wear me!" OMG - this top is for any mature, modern woman with a trendy style and flare for fashion. It's the Braziliant Pineapple Lace Top and it's made by Ruby Rd. What's so alluring about it is the fact that it covers the tummy and arms - in a loose, but semi-sexy way. So you can go out feeling fabulous, while still feeling confident and of course, comfortable.

Some days, you want to throw on some leggings and have an adorable long top to pair with them... (at least I do!). That's where this top comes in. It's the Cabana Party Asymmetrical Sleeveless Top by Rafaella. This summer top has a remarkable fit in an easy-to-wear fashion that can be mixed, matched, and transitioned from day to night or from work to play!

So, if you have read any of my recent blogs, you know I am a huge fan of the cold-shoulder tops. They are ideal for any Florida woman who is looking for a fun, unique style for the season. This Rafaella Indigo Treasure Cold-Shoulder Top is lightweight, flattering, chic, and comfortable. Four things that every fashionista seeks! This top would go great with pull-on jeans or even some denim Bermuda shorts!

If you are looking for a white top with sleeves and sass, here you go! The 3/4 Sleeve Eyelash Top by Anthony's Resort Wear is the summer top for you! That comes with no surprise as Anthony's Resort Wear is the definition of resort wear (if you couldn't tell by the name!). This top is designed for the laid-back, but fashion-forward lifestyle. Hurry to in to Anthony's because you can only find it here.

When in Florida, it is so important to protect your skin. So I recommend that every woman have at least one SPF sun shirt! This one, by IBkul, is cute and light. It also has moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you cool on even the hottest day. IBkul shirts have UPF50 sun protection built in, so whether you are walking on the beach, playing golf or tennis, or are just meeting friends for lunch, you can stay confidently covered!

Now that you know some of my favorites, come in and check them out for yourself! See which are yours - and check out the rest of our summer collections at Anthony's.

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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