Val's View: Discover Florida's Farmers Markets

Val's View: Discover Florida's Farmers Markets

I love all the fresh, local foods that Florida's farmers markets have to offer. Keep reading for some of my favorite markets across the state.
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Val's View: Discover Florida's Farmers Markets

My first exposure to shopping for fresh foods was at the co-op my mom would frequent back in the ‘70’s. The characters and the exchange of healthy foods was, and continues to be, a wonderful way to have face-to-face interactions with new people. There is something special about tasting fresh produce at a farmers market that has been grown locally and handled with care, not processed in a factory setting. I love the social aspect of people feeding people.

A smiling blonde woman in a pink sweater sorts through ears of corn at a farmers market.

Harvested Daily

Spicy microgreens, kale, and red radishes are some of the go-to produce items I look for at green markets. I'm not a Costco girl because I don't need giant quantities of food, plus I prefer the lack of packaging at farmers markets. I have worked at several markets for a friend who makes artisan granola, and her small business is a labor of love. So much effort goes into getting the products to market. Some vendors start their day at 3 am in order to bake and set up so we can savor their delicious scones.

A halved avocado on a light pink background.

Vibrant Diversity Across Florida

I was recently on Anna Maria Island with Anthonys for a photoshoot and stopped by the beachside market in Coquina Beach. The atmosphere was so welcoming and relaxing! Here are some other Florida farmers markets I’ve enjoyed visiting:

The Saturday Coconut Grove Organic Farmers Market where I went growing up is still in full swing in bustling Miami. They have amazing fruit pies and fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. There is a dazzling array of organic produce and artisanal cheeses. Don’t skip the locally-sourced honey- it's a must! The agricultural heritage and community spirit of farmer’s markets bring people together and keep cottage industries thriving. A lively atmosphere and a mixture of global cuisines will entice your palate.

In the scenic, historic city of St. Augustine, the Amphitheater Farmers Market is a charming experience for market-goers. Surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers, this market offers local seafood, yummy gourmet pickles, and organic herbs in an idealistic setting. I love the fact that folks of all ages congregate here.

A small mandarin orange with a long stem against a blue background.
a halved papaya against a golden yellow background.

Gulf Coast Gems

Sarasota’s Farmers Market is laidback and welcoming. Nestled under a canopy of trees, this market offers handmade gifts and specialty foods. Shoppers can mingle with local farmers and artisans while savoring freshly-squeezed juice and gourmet pastries. Heirloom veggies and homemade jams are also available.

As the sun sets on the Florida Panhandle, the Seaside Farmers Market comes alive with coastal charm. Visitors can stroll along the white sandy beaches and savor the Gulf-to-table cuisine while enjoying a balmy breeze.

Food and Fashion Enthusiast

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Are you a curious traveler? Try seeking out these markets in towns you are visiting or passing through on your journey. From the urban bustle of Miami to the laid-back vibe of the Gulf Coast, these markets invite you to enjoy the best of Florida's bounty while celebrating the spirit of local food, commerce, and culture.

What is your favorite farmers market in Florida? Let me know in the comments below!

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