Top Tips for Glowing Skin

Posted on 15 March 2018

Spring is almost here and summer is right around the corner. But besides that, it's season in Florida, and now is the time to shine. But sometimes it is hard to shine if you have oily pores or extra dry skin. The tips that work for one of your friends may not work for you. So, here are some tips to achieve glowing skin for your own skin type.

Dermatologists recommend the following tips to achieve glowing, youthful skin at any age.

Top Tips for Glowing Skin

Hydrate Yourself

Dermatologists say to stay hydrated for healthy skin. When you drink plenty of water, your skin will glow from the inside out. That's because drinking water improves your body’s overall health.

Know Your Own Skin Type

Dermatologists say to take a look at the size of your pores to know what your skin type is. Make note of what Do you have oily skin, dry skin or combination? Take note of what parts of your skin get oily or dry. According to dermatologists, larger pores are a sign of oily skin. Astringents can help balance your oil production. Adjusting your atmosphere and environment can also help with dry skin. If you are in an environment with excessive air conditioning or a lack of humidity, you may want to add a humidifier. A hydrating day cream can also help with dry skin. If you have oily or combination skin, a natural, oil-free moisturizer can help.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Yes, fruits and vegetables do help your skin glow. Nutritionists say fruits add moisture to help decrease the size of your pores. Antioxidants are wonderful ingredients for a glowing complexion, and the vitamin C and vitamin B in the fruits and vegetables decrease free radicals in your skin. Less age spots? Yes please.

Try Vitamin A and Retinoid Topicals

Vitamin A and retinoid topicals can help increase cellular turnover. This helps younger oils replace older skin cells.

Try Moisturizers with Ceramides

Dermatologists say that ceramides are naturally occurring lipids in the cell membrane. This membrane is an important component when it comes to hydrating skin. Another perk is that ceramides do not clog your pores.

Try Natural Face Makeup

You can have glowing skin in a flash by simply switching your face makeup to natural types. A luminescent highlighter, foundation, or hydrating spray can help your face to glow. The hydrating setting spray will keep your makeup from melting off. This is great for Florida weather. When looking for your makeup, check for descriptors like cooling or luminous. These products will give your skin the extra boost it needs.

Try Sun Shirts

Anthony's Ladies Apparel has a wide assortment of sun shirts and sun dresses. Try IBkul! The collection is amazing and each shirt or dress is made of moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you cool on even the hottest days. They also have UPF50 sun protection built in, so you will be protecting your skin - to keep your youthful glow.

Be sure to try these tips to keep your skin glowing all year long.

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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