Resort Dressing With A Signature Color

Resort Dressing With A Signature Color

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Dressing for a Florida or other resort location doesn't have to be difficult. Choosing a single complementary color and building a wardrobe around that one color will offer a wide variety of opportunities to mix and match pieces so that you'll always be dressed in a beautiful ensemble.

Most of us know which colors look best on us and manage to buy a few pieces of clothing in those shades that complement our complexions. Too often, though, garments in our closets are either predominately black, navy or gray - or we have a colossal rainbow of color so that few items work well together.

The key to building a tight, versatile wardrobe is to commit to one color and make it the anchor of other pieces.

Let's say your favorite color is turquoise. When there are 4 different colors of - anything - in a store, you reach for the turquoise one first. You get compliments when you wear your favorite turquoise sweater and you just *feel* better when you see yourself in the mirror while wearing turquoise. Your friends know that it's 'your' color. Perhaps you have used shades of turquoise in your home decor... or maybe you just couldn't resist that shiny turquoise espresso machine that sits on your countertop. Yep, you guessed it: turquoise is your signature color and can be the foundation of a sophisticated wardrobe.

I'm not proposing that you buy 6 identical turquoise tunics and wear them over turquoise pants with turquoise sandals and turquoise jewelry. Please don't! Instead, I'm suggesting that your color can be the common thread in your wardrobe. Wear that turquoise tunic over your white capris, khaki shorts and skinny NYDJ jeans. Choose a printed dress that has your color in it and then pop it with one chunky turquoise bracelet.

Remember that your signature color has more than one shade. In the case of turquoise, you might wear soften the palette by switching to aqua. Try an ivory blouse and white pants - and then drape an aqua cashmere topper over your ensemble. It's a look that is chic, simple and works well with other garments in your wardrobe.

On the other end of the shade spectrum, you might take turquoise to a deeper level and opt for teal. Paired with black it's a dramatic option that can will have you turning heads at restaurants, parties and country club dinners. 

While turquoise is just an example, the same idea translates to other colors. Think about it: shades of purple (lavender to amethyst) or blue (powder blue to cobalt) or orange (creamcicle to sunset)... you get the idea.

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you may remember posts in which I've confessed a love of pink and a penchant for neutrals and, while both are important in my wardrobe, it's that soft, whisper blush-pink that is pervasive through my closet and ties everything together. Blush with ivory, blush with champagne, blush pink with black and white... that pale pink is my signature color. It sets off a suntan, makes me feel better when I'm wearing it and... I may or may not have blush throw pillows, pink kitchen knives and a pale pink vacuum cleaner.

Is there a particular color that grabs your attention? Tell us how you incorporate your signature color into your wardrobe. We want to hear from you!

By: Elisabeth Cook

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