One Size, One Style, One Sweater by Avalin

Posted on 03 December 2021

In a palette of colors certain to accommodate every Floridian ladies’ wardrobe, the Avalin Classic Pullover Sweater is the ONE sweater, in ONE style and ONE size, that will take you from Key Largo to Worth Avenue, from Downtown Naples to Downtown Disney, and back home again. That's a pretty big claim - and a lot to expect from one cotton sweater - yet it is true!

Avalin has been making sweaters for years, so they have refined the art of designing soft, comfortable, breathable slub cotton knit sweaters that drape casually and complement almost every figure. At Anthony’s, we carry this longtime customer favorite sweater in a variety of colors that are all set to match with any ensemble.

Avalin Sweaters

The cut is universally flattering, with a scoop neck that's not too low but looks great when layered over t-shirts, tank tops, sundresses, or blouses. Gentle ribbing at the sleeves allows them to be pushed back or rolled up and the on-trend high-low hemline covers the bum without overwhelming a petite figure. Dress it up by adding long statement necklaces and a cool wedge-heel shoe or keep it low-key casual by wearing it over shorts with flip-flops, sandals, or white sneakers. Oh, and Avalin sweaters are machine washable, too.


Some of the colors available are gorgeous shades of aqua, coral, lime green, butter, ocean, and periwinkle - a purple-based blue that looks fantastic on everyone. Desert is a sophisticated sand-colored earth tone that looks sensational paired with black, crisp white, or other neutrals. Perhaps most notable in the assortment is the white: oddly, white sweaters in just the right weight and texture have been frustratingly elusive in Florida - until now. This white pullover will no doubt become a wardrobe staple - but it's completely okay to own more than one or two colors!

White Avalin Pullover SweaterIf you love Avalin, but want to try out a differently cut sweater, check out another fan fave: the V-Neck Tunic Sweater. This longer sweater, which is tunic length and has a flattering v-neckline, also comes in a wide range of fun and fashionable colors. Worn alongside a pull-on ankle pant, this sweater is just the thing for warding off a chill.

To anyone unfamiliar with our Florida lifestyle, wearing a sweater in a balmy climate might seem silly or superfluous. But for those of us who live here or visit regularly, we know what it's like to shiver inside an air-conditioned restaurant on an otherwise sultry evening. We know how chilly it is in malls and museums, offices and supermarkets. The answer is the Avalin Classic Pullover Sweater, for days and evenings. Keep one in the car, drape it over your shoulders or slip in on - this is the ONE brand of sweater you won't want to be without wherever you go!

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  • Muriel Jeffrey: October 29, 2016

    I totally agree !
    I love cotton knits !!

  • Denise Corsile: October 29, 2016

    Excellent article and so well written. Makes me want one or two!

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