How To Properly Maintain and Care for Your Clothing

How To Properly Maintain and Care for Your Clothing

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It is that back-to-school time of year and for us, it is time to take stock of our wardrobes and get organized so we thought it would be the perfect time to review the important steps for maintaining and caring for your wardrobe. It might be a surprise, but it goes beyond wash and dry.

Here we are going to share some of the things we do to preserve the life of our favorite fashions. It doesn't matter if you are a fashionista with a bright and fun wardrobe or if you prefer your uniform (we know the uniform is built with the favorite Coconut Row bottoms and that you have each length in every color!), it is important to take care of your clothing if you want the pieces to last!

When caring for clothing, we like to keep it simple. Too many steps and caring for our clothes will become a full-time job! When you bring home that new purchase, follow these steps.


The first thing I do when I get my new item home is to take a moment to locate the washing instructions which will always be sewn into the garment. This will be a lifesaver in terms of how you care for the clothes and if you don't follow these instructions it is a surefire way to reduce the life of your new favorite garment.

Keep in mind that you also do not have to wash every article of clothing every time you wear it. Wearing an item a few times between washings will definitely extend the life of your clothing. Though this does not apply to all types of clothing!

In caring for your clothing, we all know to separate out the lights and the darks and handle them differently. For your darks, wash them inside out in cold water and try to line dry if available. This will make your clothes happier plus it is better for the last pesky electricity bill and the environment. For the whites, I like to add a scoop of Oxiclean or the Honest Company's Oxy Boost tablets to the wash. This is a gentle boost that will help keep your whites whiter and brighter. It is also safe for colors but use sparingly. If you have any difficult stains, like your favorite red wine, pre-soak the garment in warm water with your preferred stain remover.


We all love our dryers, what a great invention! We can quickly and easily dry heaping loads of laundry, but I can tell you that the dryer is probably your clothing's worst enemy. If you can make the time, drying outside or on a line will be better for the life of your wardrobe. Make sure to be careful with direct sunlight; ideally, set up your line in a shaded spot or put your clothes out in the early evening when the sun is not at its peak. When you really do not have the time for line drying, use your dryer on a lower heat setting. We promise your clothing will thank you!


Hang anything that you can hang on a hanger and that you have space for. These are your dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, pants and denim; i.e. your cottons, linens, silks, etc. However, when it comes to your knits, they need to be folded. Hanging your knit sweaters will damage the texture and stretch them out and nobody wants to have stretched out & frumpy sweaters. And finally, always give your clothes a little space to breathe; cramming them in a tight closet means more wrinkles and unhappy, potentially smelly clothing. If you don't have enough space, it might be time for a donation run!


If something in your wardrobe rips or tears, you don't need to throw it away-- get it fixed! Or better yet fix it yourself if you are blessed with sewing skills. I recently had 4 button-down shirts sitting in my closet each with a different tear or rip. Some were just well-worn, one was barely worn, but I managed to get a tear in it, and the final one was just poorly made. At first, I thought I might have to get rid of them, but then I realized I could try taking them to my local tailor to see if she could salvage them. A week and $12 later I have 4 better-than-new shirts. Even when I have something on the newer side where the seam doesn't look that that strong, I'll take it over to my tailor because she will always sew it better than someone who is pushing out mass quantities of clothing. Plus then I know that I am getting real longevity from the clothing I love, which in my opinion is just the best!

Clearly, we love clothes here at Anthony's and we want you to love them just as much. Taking the best care possible will give you a new appreciation for your wardrobe as well as extend its life.

Let us know in the comments below what kind of things you do to keep your clothing in tip-top shape!

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