Holiday Dressing: Thinking Outside the Frocks

Holiday Dressing: Thinking Outside the Frocks

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Holiday Dressing in Florida

Dressing for the holidays in Florida isn't the same as in other parts of the country. Our tropical temps allow for opportunities to wear silhouettes that would leave our northern neighbors shivering in their sandals. At the same time, some of the time-honored holiday staples worn to parties in the north would have many of us sweltering in our proverbial Christmas sweaters.

Not only does the weather play a role in what we wear when we gather and celebrate the season - it's also our resort lifestyle, the manner in which we live. Our parties can be laid-back affairs, often outside, maybe even poolside. No one needs wool plaid skirts, tights or boots when the best parties are steps from the beach.

We get to re-think holiday attire and, fortunately for us, festive dressing is largely open to interpretation. Isn't the point to kick it up up a little in how we dress? To recognize the season and celebrate with those who matter most? Here are a few tips in creating looks befitting the time of year as well as who and where we are.

1) If it's blinged, studded, rhinestone encrusted or otherwise bedazzled, it's a great start to a holiday ensemble. That means t-shirts, tank tops, lightweight sweaters - or even our pants, capris and shorts by Isadela. How to style the look? Pick one bejeweled garment let that be the focal point. Keep other elements more subtle - but do give hair and make-up a boost. Clothes may be more casual than in other places but photos are still inevitable so best to be camera-ready.

Isadela Rhinestone Pants

2) Fabrics can be festive! Knits woven with metallic thread provide a subtle shimmer and work well with pants, jeans or shorts and skirts. Style tip: Shoes or sandals should complement the rest of the outfit, which means a taffeta skirt or wrap deserves dressier footwear than a silver t-shirt, which may only need a fun flip-flop.

Festive Fabrics

3) Kick it up with color. Consider these two ideas: wearing soft layers of white or shades of white isn't just festive; it's downright angelic. Accessories with gold or silver jewelry to make the look sing. Pop an everyday outfit with a bright spot of red - like our cashmere dress topper in Poppy.  Add hoop earrings and a skimmer flat and watch out for the mistletoe!

Claudia Nichole

4) Shrug off old ideas of holiday attire. That chunky, tired, stretched out, over-sized Christmas sweater isn’t flattering any figure and sometimes wearing red and green together should be left to the Christmas trees. Wear colors and styles that flatter you specifically - just add elements that will keep you looking your best and enjoying a season full of celebration.

By: Elisabeth Cook

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