Health Benefits of Having Pets for Women Over 50

Posted on 18 October 2018

If you own a pet, there is know doubt that you have found how much happiness and affection they add to your life. But with health in mind this October, did you know that having a pet can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression? They also encourage playfulness and exercise - which in turn helps improve your cardiovascular health. Caring for a pet adds true benefits to the lives of not only women over 50, but for any adult or child as well. Pets show unconditional love and are great companions to come home to.

How Pets Help with Mental Health


Studies have shown that pets become attuned to humans' emotions and behavior. Like a good friend, a pet can usually look into your eyes to sense your emotional state.

How Pets Help with Physical Health


Recent studies have explored the benefits of the human-animal bond. The American Heart Association links the ownership of pets with a reduced risk for heart disease. You are also more likely to increase the amount of exercise you do when you own a pet. For example, if you own a dog, you will go on a few more walks, and you will be more apt to spend time playing outside with them. Studies show that your connection deepens with your pets when you play with them, and you will both be happy because of the endorphins that exercise gives you.

Pets are Great Companions


Did you know that companionship helps to prevent illness and can add years to your life? That is so much better than living in isolation and loneliness. Also, by caring for an animal, you will feel appreciated and needed. Nothing beats loneliness like coming home to kisses and a wagging tail. To help you to further battle loneliness, pets can help you meet new friends. Dog owners frequently stop and talk to each other on walks, and especially here in Florida - dog owners can meet new people in many restaurants and stores.

Having a loving pet as a companion can help ease anxiety, offer comfort, and build self-confidence. Pets can help you appreciate the joy of the present and help you to live in the moment.

As we age, sometimes daily structure gets lost in our day to day lives. However, when you have a pet, you have immediate structure with feeding times, play times, and exercise times.

More Health Benefits of Pets for Women Over 50


Caring for a pet can help boost your morale, optimism, and vitality. Pets encourage laughter, playfulness, and exercise, which can help increase your energy and boost your immune system. Taking care of a pet has a variety of health benefits - especially as we get older. Enjoy your pets, ladies!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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  • Valerie Richards: March 13, 2019

    We lost our rescue dog, Alex. She was 16 yrs old, rescued at 1yr old/
    She looked like and Annie dog, wheaton and airdale, great, smart all the
    things to love. It took us 9 years to decide to get our HoneyBelle. We love her so
    much. She is now 10 yrs old. Don’t wait 9 years to adopt another that needs to be loved.

  • Priscilla White: October 23, 2018

    Thank you for this timely article. We had to part with our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in late July. I cry every day for the pet we had for 12 years. They provide all the positive things in our life’s that you mention and more.

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