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Fitness After 40

Fitness after 40 is an exciting thing, and will help you to not only stay in shape, but to maintain your health! Be sure to choose a routine that suits your schedule and make sure it entails activities that you enjoy. Also, keep an eye on your diet. Superfoods are fabulous for optimal health and fitness! 

Focus on Flexibility

According to the American Journal of Physiology, flexibility correlates with your blood pressure and your heart health. That’s why it is important to work on your flexibility as you get older. This way you can prevent injuries and continue to be active. Florida is a great state to live in for staying active. The warm weather makes it easy to get a few laps in the pool in or to take a power walk! Yoga is another great way to maintain or increase flexibility. It also helps to calm the mind - which is another ideal health benefit. Daily stretching - even for a few minutes a day - is another positive habit to get in to for flexibility.

Cut Back on Cardio

Don’t get too excited - this doesn’t mean to eliminate cardio altogether. However, if you are a marathon trainer, for instance, you may be affecting your heart health in a negative way. Doctors say that hours of intense cardio as you age can cause acute volume overload, thickening, and inflammation of the heart muscle. You can also create excess cortisol - which will only cause stress and possible health defects. Try limiting your cardio exercise to 45 minutes per period and you will be on a better track. Also, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to get your cardio and strength training in. This will help you maintain your muscle and your health.

Work Your Core


A great way to work your core is to do planks. This is when you hold your body off the ground in a straight line. Doing planks will help you to build your inner core muscles. And this ladies, will help you to tighten your mid-section too! Planks also benefit your balance and posture.

Remember Recovery

The more you work out, the more important it is to recover. As the intensity of your work outs goes up, you need longer recovery times in between sessions. Doctors say that if you do HIIT that we talked about above, try minimizing it to three times a week. Any more than that will likely be counterproductive.

Track Your Steps

Tracking your steps is a fabulous way to keep your health thriving. By doing this in addition to regular exercise, you will achieve prime fitness after 40! (Aim for 10,000 steps if you can!)

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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