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Be Bright and Bold with Colors and Patterns this Summer

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This summer is the perfect time to experiment with color and mix and match new combinations that may be out of your comfort zone. Anthony’s Ladies Apparel has a variety of bright, fun, patterns and colorful styles that you are going to love!

Be Bold and Bright in Jess and Jane Tops

The Calligraphy Crew Neck Knit Top by Jess and Jane is light and comfortable top for the upcoming summer months! This tee shirt has a lovely floral print. It’s not your basic crew neck, but instead, it’s a fun tee for everyday wear!

Another great option is the Playtime Dolman Asymmetrical Knit Top by Jess and Jane. With its relaxed fit, asymmetrical hemline, and adorable pattern, how can you resist?!

IBkul’s Slimming Skorts

IBkul’s skorts are a hot commodity this summer. Our customers are so in love with them, that they are flying out of the stores! The Pippa Paisley Straight Skort is the perfect addition to your summer resort wear wardrobe. It’s created with a same IceFil fabric that is guaranteed to keep you cool and dry out in the sun. And you can’t beat fact that it has UPF 50+ sun protection too.

Another fabulous IBkul skort is the Floral Ashley Straight Skort. Hurry in to try it on before it’s sold out!

Be Bright in Beach House Swimwear

The Kaleidoscope Mesh Layer Tankini Top by Beach House is not only bright and fun, but completely flattering. This mesh layer swim top offers optimal support and comfort with UV protection and adjustable straps. You'll be as cool as the breeze in this chic swim top.

And to match - we have the High Waist Bikini Bottom - also by Beach House.

So, consider summertime a perfect excuse to mix and match color combinations. Be bright, be bold, be your best self! :)

And for another fun way to play with color, try a bright new nail polish! There are so many bright, beautiful colors to go with your sandals and flip flops! Happy June and happy almost-summer!

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By: Melissa Ferguson

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