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Did you know that this year marks the 50th anniversary of “The Sound of Music”? I remember vividly sitting in the big theater and watching Julie Andrews twirl through the Austrian Alps. I was just a child in 1965, but those songs have stuck in my head ever since.

Remember when she sings about a “few of my favorite things”…like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? I have a few favorite things, too. And now that Anthony’s women’s fashion store offers online shopping, I can buy multiples of my favorite things.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that my favorite pants are the fabulous Kristin Crenshaw slim pants I buy at Anthony’s. These pants are so comfortable, attractive and stretchy, that I like to buy them in multiples: Two black pairs, two white pairs and two denim pairs. This way, I’m always ready to travel anywhere – from captain’s table on a cruise, to a theme park, to dinner at my favorite seafood restaurant with my husband, Marv.

These pants are made of a rayon/nylon/Spandex blend – a woven fabric with stretch that looks fancy, with a matte finish.

These pants hold up like iron – I throw mine into the washer, then pull them out and snap them, like you snap a towel, to get out any wrinkles created by the washing machine. Then I drip-dry the pants.

I wear these so often, though, that I like to have that second white pair dry and ready for a night on the town.

I also buy multiples of Anthony’s best-selling basic tank by Clear Sky. These tanks are made of 96 percent nylon and 4 percent Spandex. (The straps are wide enough to hide your bra straps, and the neckline is the perfect dip – not too low and not too high.)

While I’m at it, I’ll order a couple Anthony’s Foxcroft 100 percent cotton tunics in different colors to layer over my tanks. (The best part about the Foxcroft tunics: They’re 100 percent cotton but wrinkle-free! No ironing required.)

Anthony’s women’s fashion store is all about Florida sunny style – looking great and feeling comfortable, in easy-care and stylish clothes.

Now that anthonysfla.com is up and ready to take my orders, I’ll be buying a few of my favorite things two or three at a time.

And now that I’m thinking about that…a trip to Austria sounds pretty good right now, too.

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Love to shop online?

Val’s tip of the week: Stock up on your favorite things at anthonysfla.com!

Anthony’s women’s fashion store has been dressing Florida’s most fashionable women since 1895. And now Anthony’s makes shopping as modern and convenient as can be, with 24/7 online shopping. Check out the great new arrivals and the go-to basics at anthonysfla.com.

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