Val’s View: What are Florida’s three greatest fashion ideas?

NO. 2: The Tankini

If I died and went to fashion heaven, I’d find three things in the closet, for sure:

A printed tunic top. (Please see my blog about tunics!)

Some stretchy slim pants.

And tank tops that are long enough to hit at several inches below my waist.

With enough combinations of these items – and a couple big shirts – I could pack for a month-long trip.

I Also Love Tankinis

A tankini – a bathing suit with a long tank and a bottom – is my favorite swimsuit because it combines the ease of a two-piece with the look of a one-piece. Tankinis sometimes can be even more flattering than one-piece suits because the tanks can feature tiers of material or princess seams that slim the body.

A tankini swim top with swim shorts or a skirted bottom is a great choice for Florida’s resort lifestyle – because you can swim, then get out of the pool and get a cocktail at the bar, and you’ll never feel self-conscious.

I love the flexibility and freedom to mix and match tops and bottoms to create the perfect look.

Oh, and you can go to the bathroom easily. I know we’re not supposed to talk about things like that, but everyone does it, and everyone knows how hard it is to pull down a wet, one-piece bathing suit.

I also like to pair to pair tankini tops with other pieces. My choice of cover up with tankini tops is usually a pair of black palazzo pants or a maxi skirt. This way, I can go from pool to lunch fast and still be fashionable.

Looking for a mix-and-match tankini top? Try the Ceeb or Beachouse styles from Anthony’s, your leaders in women’s fashion in Florida since 1895.


Val’s tip of the week: Find a great Florida fish shack

I just visited Anna Maria Island, a gem of an island that was just voted one of the Top 30 islands in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Anna Maria has a couple great fish shacks: The Sandbar restaurant, which is famous for its happy hour, and the Rod & Reel Restaurant, at the end of a pier. Seafood is the specialty, but people really come for the views.

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